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  1. carol m


    Hi Carl, welcome. My fav guitar is a Tanglewood steel string. TW145ASC I got on ebay.
  2. carol m

    RIP Doug

    One of the members from the old days. I'll particularly miss the long threads we used to have when discussing the meanings of Leonard Cohen songs - and how he often had a go at turning my lyrics into songs. He advised me when I was looking for a new classical guitar & I got one the same as he played - I managed to find and buy I think the only one left in Australia [Yamaha with dual inbuilt condenser mics and narrower than normal for classical fretboard]. I'll miss him.
  3. carol m

    Rut That I Can't Escape

    Hi Woodster, welcome. I'm not sure how useful this would be but have you considered taking a few lessons from a teacher? A new face & perspective, plus actually paying money for a few weeks, might give you new inspiration and fresh approach?
  4. Hi Martin, good luck with your new hobby.
  5. Hi SotosOpeth, that was impressive, and the recording sounded great too. Well done.
  6. carol m


    Hi Mike, there are lots of free lessons here. Welcome
  7. carol m

    Buying an acoustic condenser microphone

    Hi Mr Luther Man, I have an MXL990 which was recommended to me by members here a few years ago & I'm very happy with it. I just checked & it currently costs $225 US on Amazon. But do your research & read the reviews & you will see the most popular mics get lots of reviews - there are many good ones to choose from..
  8. carol m

    Lessons Learned From The First

    Well done Old Strummer - congratulations!
  9. carol m

    AnthemScore, anyone heard of it ?

    Have you tried taking a screenshot [or 2] of the tablature & then printing that? Or copy/paste as an image?
  10. carol m


    Hi Edgar, Welcome to the forum.
  11. carol m

    Corcovado - Brazillian guitar

    Beautiful! Well done, Mike. Very nice arrangement too.
  12. carol m

    Howdie ya'll

    Hi David, welcome.
  13. carol m

    Looking at AMPS, really confused, need help!

    Hi Paul, even if you can't play guitar yet, the sales people in music stores are usually looking for any excuse to try out their gear. You could take your guitar with you and ask them to demonstrate those amps in your price range using your own guitar. You could then pick the one with the tone you like, and/or the chorus, reverb etc that sound good to you.
  14. carol m


    Hi Graham - welcome.