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    Forum back up and running.

    What would we do without her, eh? Thanks, Clancy.
  2. Welcome, popster. Tricky, isn't it?
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    Radical Rockstar saying Hello

    Welcome aboard, Tom.
  4. Hi, Tom. I'm a bit like RockerBob, everything I play is improvisation in a sense. Even in tunes I've been playing for years (decades) I never play them the same way every time> I think once you get to know how music works and how the fretboard is laid out, it becomes almost impossible to stick to one way of expressing yourself ... there are so many possibilities. But I do know what you're saying, we all have our favorite ways of playing through chord changes and very rarely are we truly improvising. I'm lucky in that I play with people who will often start playing a song I've never heard before -- out of the blues -- and that's when I can say that I'm truly making it up on the fly, especially when it's not just a 12 bar blues. That's when you really have to LISTEN and hear what's going on and create a part very carefully and deliberately. I like that a lot. When I lived in Sydney and was doing a lot of session work, I was often hired to 'add some zing and play a solo', mainly because I'm able to do that easily and quickly. That was back when it was all done in big, professional studios who charged by the hour. In those cases, you'd have a listen to a couple of run-throughs, follow the chord chart and then start recording. I would often wind up truly improvising when the producer would say stuff like 'make it end higher', or 'make it darker' ... you'd have to try and play what he was hearing in his head which, more often than not, wasn't what I would play myself. For me, it's all about the chord progression, nothing else. I never think scales, modes or boxes, just the chords and the vibe of the tune. And I always try to remember to play as little as possible, keep my improv compact and make sure it's adding to, not subtracting from, the overall sound. So very often I play nothing.