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I'm Canadian, but arrived in Australia in 1974 where I've lived ever since, becoming a citizen in the early '90s. I became a session guitarist in Sydney where I contributed to scores of album tracks, dozens of TV and film soundtracks, countless commercials, and played in too many line-ups to name. Through my own album No Apostrophe and songs like Richard Clapton's "Deep Water" and Marc Hunter's "Big City Talk", the sound of my slide guitar has become ingrained in the fabric of Australian Rock Music.

I also performed live in and around Sydney over the years, in my own bands and as a member of many others: 'Chasin' the Train', 'Sleeping Dogs', 'Richard Clapton Band', Marc Hunter Band', 'Glen Shorrock Band', 'The Six Amigos' and others.

In 1992, I wrote and illustrated my book 'PlaneTalk - The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book', which I self-publish and now sell (along with the companion DVD) on the Internet. I also created this site, Guitar for Beginners and Beyond, several years ago. More recently I produced a DVD teaching my forte, playing slide in Standard and Dropped D Tunings.

I now live at Tamborine Mountain with my partner and co-administrator of this site, Clancy. She, amongst many other things, keeps the forum ticking over.