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  1. Clancy

    Child size guitar

    You don't have to go up to the price of the one Rockerbob mentioned but you may need to spend a little more than $150 cbdeajr.
  2. Clancy

    Child size guitar

    That's a pretty expensive beginners guitar.
  3. Clancy

    Child size guitar

    Hi cbdeajr. It's the 1/2 size ARANJUEZ MODEL A4/Z 52. No I wouldn't sell it. I'm still hoping my daughter might regain some interest in playing it. Plus I live in Australia and the shipping on top of it would be a lot.
  4. Clancy

    Child size guitar

    What do you call a lot of dollars? I bought my daughter a beautiful little 1/2 size ARANJUEZ Guitar from here - https://www.leihinstrumente.com/Guitars/Children's-Guitars/? which we were very happy with. She doesn't play it anymore unfortunately and it just hangs on the wall, but when she did it was easy to play and was a quality guitar.
  5. We had a bit of a malfunction in the recent upgrade. Sorry about that. It should all be working again now. Cheers, Clancy
  6. Clancy


    Yes, I guess there is a limit to sending too many messages. It' another day now though so you should be able to send another 5.
  7. Clancy

    im back

    Hi Ronnie. Nice to hear from you again. Congratulations on your success with your artwork.