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  1. Rockerbob

    strap buttons

    I would recommend having a pro do it., but here is where Gibson puts theirs:
  2. Rockerbob

    strap buttons

    There should be one where the end-pin on an acoustic guitar is located. The other should be near where the neck joins the body. I couldn't find a picture of the back of the guitar, so I'm guessing that's where it is.
  3. Rockerbob

    Child size guitar

    I know. I was joking, although if I had a guitar of that quality at the beginning, learning would have been easier. When asked to help pick out an inexpensive guitar, I have to try them. The same make and model can be worlds apart in playability and/or tone. I think easier to play is more important than tone for a beginner. More expensive guitars don't vary as much.
  4. Rockerbob

    Child size guitar

    I hear these are quite nice: http://www.collingsguitars.com/acoustic-guitars/baby-2h/
  5. Rockerbob

    Guitar Sound "Mr Jones" Counting Crows

    Look for other input as well. There are many experienced players here. We all look at things a little differently.
  6. Rockerbob

    Hollow Bodies Like Epiphone Casino

    The best example of that style guitar might be one of these: http://www.collingsguitars.com/electric-guitars/i30-lc/
  7. Rockerbob

    Guitar Sound "Mr Jones" Counting Crows

    Early morning rambings I'm not familiar with the song you reference. Its not my taste in music, but I have some generic experience. Matching another player's tone is close to impossible. I would bet my life savings that the guitar player you would like to sound like doesn't play a Squire nor any 10W amp. So, hardware could be the problem. But probably not the only problem. If you lookup what this player uses in his guitar rig and match it component for component, you will most likely still not get their tone. The way the player attacks the strings has huge impact on tone. I used many different attack styles to get more tonal variety. I would say to learn the notes and try to find the mood or emotion in those notes. Then the tone matters less.
  8. I have some YouTube music videos. I tried to post but the forum was broken. This recording was inspired by the bass line. We played guitar and bass live to a predetermined drum tempo/meter. I think we recorded 3 takes and chose the one we liked best. I have a pedal board that allows me to add effects when I need them. There was very little post production work. We were looking to create that 3 piece garage jam band sound - but hopefully with better licks. I'm half deaf, so I play a lot by memory of where the notes are located. OK, here's the recording called, "Big Bird," but it was not inspired by Sesame Street. Something more like a hawk, condor, or eagle comes to my mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_J5Y2yygEQ
  9. Some would say everything I play is improvised, even when not intended to be. The latest CD my collaborator and I compiled was intended to sound mostly like a 3 piece garage band jamming on a lick. We have played together for about 25 years, so we can add structure to a jam with a single word, glance, movement, or other cue, but it usually comes down to a tiny bit new and a lot of same old. I keep telling my collaborator I only know one lick, and just move it up and down. After 25 years he still thinks I play different and "new" stuff all the time. :-)
  10. Rockerbob

    Radical Rockstar saying Hello

    Greetings and felicitations! Here's some food for thought. I'm neither a rocker or a Bob. :-)
  11. Welcome. There are many old fart guitar players here, myself included. Fifty seems young, and I'm only 61. There are good lessons here. Many of them are free.
  12. Rockerbob

    Hello Everyone

    Greetings and felicitations!
  13. Rockerbob

    strap locks

    Most strap locks replace the strap button on the guitar side, so the same screw goes back in, or a new screw of a similar size. Then you have to fart around getting the strap side installed. Pain in the ass. I have yet to drop a guitar because the strap came off.
  14. Rockerbob


    Changing tuning machines is not very difficult, but usually not something I would recommend to the inexperienced. Sometimes you need new screw holes. Sometimes the hole for the tuner needs to be enlarged. I always used a hand reamer if the hole needed to be bigger. Sometimes the holes are too big and then require special grommets or bushings. Also, tuning machines are almost never the reason a guitar goes out of tune. How they are installed in much more likely. Crap tuners are hard to get in tune, but the physics of it makes it near impossible for the post to rotate as long as the post gear and worm gear are engaged. I like better tuners because they make tuning easier and will last almost forever. $150 is the low end of decent tuning machines.
  15. Rockerbob


    Greetings from Colorado, USA.
  16. Rockerbob

    Guitars for Sale?

    Don't you already have a guitar or two and can't yet play? I think you have a desire to have guitars, but not so much passion regarding playing. If you want to spend money, I have a 1966 Ampeg Jet guitar amp for sale. Its in great condition. I bought it 30 some years ago and it has been in my studio/office ever since. It would cost about $50 to pack it up and ship it. https://denver.craigslist.org/msg/d/vintage-1966-ampeg-jet-model/6527940520.html
  17. Rockerbob

    Hello from Canada

    I agree, although there are people that want to make money playing. They have to make the audience happy. I quit playing for money decades ago.
  18. Rockerbob

    reading music

    I don't read music. I can tell you the notes on the staff, but I have to think about it, and its not how I learned.
  19. Rockerbob

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to a bunch of guitar players. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :-) If you are committed, try to avoid ShadyBrook. I hear its haunted.
  20. Rockerbob

    percussion on mini guitars

    Usually by hitting the guitar with your hands or other implement.