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    Greetings and felicitations!
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    Looking at AMPS, really confused, need help!

    The same approach should work.
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    Looking at AMPS, really confused, need help!

    It took many years and many amps to find what I like. I used them in live performances, and after a decade or so I found what I like. I've had the same amp for about 35 years. I am not familiar with Blackstar amps. I just looked them up. If it works it is worth $100. The tone of any inexpensive amp should be fine as a practice amp. I don't say what amp I have because it doesn't really matter, What I like could be very different from what you like. We're not all cut from the same cookie cutter. Reading specs on paper doesn't reveal the tone. Lots of watts are not important. Because of the nature of sound and hearing, most people hear +9dB as double volume. If you double the amp's power you get about 3dB. So, to sound twice as loud as 20 watts, you need 160 watts. And this doesn't add speaker efficiency to the equation. That can make a big difference in apparent volume. I will say I tend to lean towards tube tone, but tone is very subjective. Go to a store and try as many as you can. It all comes down to trying a few.
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    New kid in town

  7. I was born in the 1950s, grew up in the '60s during the Great Folk Music Scare. I learned to play to the protest songs of the era. I'm still singing protest songs. This is from the Lewis & Walker CD titled X, circa 2016. It seems so obvious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RLwYYxBV7s
  8. Rockerbob

    Nylon strings

    Its been sold - gone for almost a decade. I sold all but 6 due to catastrophic financial failure. No, there weren't many inexpensive guitars in the photo. There was a time, long ago when dirt was young, I had a high income job for about a decade. I bought a few of the pricier guitars during that period.
  9. Rockerbob

    Nylon strings

    Back row, farthest left is a classical, a Guild Mark 3.
  10. Rockerbob

    Here & Gone

    Thanks! Its not the same anymore. I have no happy songs to write. I can't find anything to write happy songs. I;m putting my most valuable guitar up for sale. I need the money, and I can't hear, so why have a $5000 guitar just hanging on the wall. BTW, want to buy one of the best guitars in the world? I need to get about $4500 out of it, which makes it a rather exclusive market. Depression has reared itself again. We are so broke I might have to sell all the guitars and just say " off!" to music. Most of the instruments and recording gear are already gone. The money might get us through 2018 without selling our house. I work my ass off to write and record music no one wants to listen to. Here are a couple with my recent lack of ability to sing. "City Of New Orleans" was recorded in the past month or so. I have model trains and I built a complete "City of New Orleans. It's a great memory of almost gone passenger railroad. The singing just ain't the same as 6 or more years ago. I still remember what it was like too be able to perform. Now I have to manipulate the vocals for hours to get a take that isn't too bad. I'm playing the computer. I have to take the computer's word on how close it is. I can't tell. My dog died 3 years ago today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqUeg-vKO24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAy_wesbrI0
  11. Rockerbob

    Nylon strings

    Nylon strings last much longer than steel strings. They don't sound dead nearly as soon as steel strings. None of that matters. The most important thing I would advise is to use only nylon/classical guitar strings on a classical guitar. Its important. Steel strings will rip a classical guitar into several pieces. I have some experience in this area. When I was younger I worked in a music store as the guitar repair guy for almost a decade. I've seen just about everything a person can do wrong with guitars. I used to have many guitars, but most were sold after I got laid-off. I kept 6. The best 6, of course.
  12. Rockerbob

    Nylon strings

    Nylon doesn't corrode. A new set takes a couple weeks to stay in tune, but they last longer than steel strings. The winding on the wound strings will corrode, but they still last a long time. Only put nylon strings on a guitar made for nylon strings. You will cause damage with steel strings. Nylon strings last longer than Elixir steel strings anyway. I don't mind changing strings, except a slotted headstock. So, I cut the old ones off. It's the easiest way I've found. Tie on the new strings and keep tuning for 1 to 2 weeks before they really settle in. At 2 weeks I want to change steel strings, but I can't always afford too do so. When I performed live my strings lasted for 1 or 2 nights. I'd buy a dozen sets at a time. Sadly, Our budget makes strings a low priority right now.
  13. Rockerbob

    Q&A: Musicality and Giftedness

    I find it hard to reconcile labels. I defer my opinion on language and word usage to my son, an English major. I think the "gifted" are people who practice, or play 8 to 10 hours everyday. Then they become gifted. There is an old saying that I will paraphrase; "A good player has to practice 2 hours a day, but it only takes a virtuoso 8 to 12 hours a day." This is all just about semantics anyway. Words can be used to enlighten, cheat, confuse, steal, and many other uses. English has so many synonyms and homonyms it's surprising we can understand anything at all