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  1. Rockerbob

    Hello from WA

    Funny. A lack of belief is a belief system? Well, let's turn that around and twist it. There are an infinite number of things I don't believe, but I'm not a nihilist. I don't know where stuff like this comes from: "Religion says the existence of God can be proved; the agnostic says it can't be proved; and the atheist claims proof of the nonexistence of God. Obviously, the dilemma of the wanderer from faith is that of profound confusion." Most religions require you have faith in something for which there is no compelling evidence, and keeping that faith even when it is proven untrue. Atheists do not believe they can prove there is no god. You can't prove a negative. As an atheist, I know I cannot prove the lack of a deity. All it means is I have seen no compelling evidence to support the assertion that a deity exists. I'm so tired of people telling me what I am. My psychiatrist and I are working out what I am. The psychiatrist has specialized training, and we've worked together for 6 years or so. As far as I know, no one here has such education. Hell, along with my son's majors in Mathematics, Biology, and English, he also has a major in psychology. He will have all 4 degrees by the end of this school year. With honors. l trust his opinion more than most. So, go ahead and tell me what I am and when my opinion is wrong, even though opinions cannot technically be wrong. I joined this forum in February, 2006. There was a time when my comments had value. Now they don't. So, to stop wasting my time, I will be leaving September, 2018. Goodbye Kirk and Clancy. Thanks for the forum. It's a lot of work for little reward. I wouldn't do it. I wish you all the best.
  2. Rockerbob

    Hello from WA

    I didn't feel additional content was needed. We disagree. It happens all the time. I don't believe I said you were flat wrong, just that I disagree. I don't see anything wrong with us disagreeing. On matters of opinion there is no right answer, or perhaps no wrong answer. Many philosophers disagree with other philosophers. That maybe it's why math is attractive to me. There are right and wrong answers.
  3. Rockerbob

    Hello from WA

    I'm having a very strenuous day today. I am in great need of some pills that I'm out of. I'm angry and anxiety ridden. I'm dizzy and my hearing is having a bad day. I heartily disagree. Atheism is NOT a philosophy. It's a lack of belief. Please let his issue drop. Thanks.
  4. Rockerbob

    Hello from WA

    I'm an atheist and find fault in all philosophies. It really bothers me that so many people are so superstitious and cling to their belief and philosophy and cast off science. If I thought I had a philosophy, it would be that science is our only hope. I also have a feeling, but not enough data to support it, that most Americans no longer care about science, and in fact are intentionally ignorant. I am ignorant, but not intentionally. Math intertwines with everything according to my son, the mathematician. My friend, and at one time coworker with the chemistry PhD, says that chemistry ties it together, and a physics major tells me physics ties it all together. These are things to ponder. All true from a point of view, and all false from a different point of view. Daydreaming is really pondering. With friends and wine or whiskey is also good for pondering. Now I must sit and ponder the imponderable.
  5. Rockerbob

    RIP Doug

    You will be missed, Doug.
  6. Rockerbob

    Rut That I Can't Escape

    Although I was an experienced player before I met Kirk on the Internet, I read through his lessons when I found him. His method is good and makes sense. I wish I had it 50 years ago. I didn't use it to learn guitars, but I learned a couple new ways of thinking about guitar. PlaneTalk is as good as any and much better than most. I don't get paid to endorse PlaneTalk. I endorse it because I think it's good. What is my endorsement worth? Probably not much. There are players with less experience than me and there are players than have more experience than me. There are some guitar players better than me and some worse. Your milage may vary.
  7. Rockerbob

    Hello from WA

    I view "zen" as a philosophy. Although I'm not a philosopher, I enjoy reading most anything well written. I took a look at the link and I'll add this book to my "to be read" list. Sadly they will be a couple thousand down the list. I have more unread books in my house than I will be able to read in my lifetime. I have unread books from authors I know personally. They are higher on the list. For quantum physics or particle physics I usually go to the large multivolume leather bound collection of all Richard Feynman papers, lectures. and books. I already have the expensive set, and I skim through it from time to time, but it would take a lifetime to understand it. Quantum is an amount. It could be an amount of money, corn, energy, subatomic particles, or anything else you can measure an amount of." "If you think you understand quantum physics, you don't understand quantum physics." - Richard Feynman It's really mostly my son's books. I love books. My son is a fanatic regarding books. He is just finishing undergrad degrees in Mathematics, English, Psychology and Biology. His minors are chemistry and astro-physics. I think he reads 500 or 600 pages a day. It could be more because he always buys textbooks as soon as they are announced, and reads them through before classes/lectures begin. Anything I say that might seem intellectual is probably something I learned from my son. If he proofread this for me, he would find typos, grammatical errors, and such, but also offers suggestions that have never failed to be better than the words I chose. My son will do greater things than I ever dreamed of. Of course, I could just be a proud parent. I wish my son had time to proofread this. 🙂
  8. Rockerbob

    Hello from WA

    I think of it in terms of mathematics. I'm not sure about zen. I did like the link and I think I understand that viewpoint as well.
  9. Rockerbob

    Rut That I Can't Escape

    I have no answers, but my path took me to learn songs, not just guitar licks from the radio. Improv is great, but not all the time. Without structure, music loses an important rudiment. All those damn rules music teachers want you to learn. How can you break a rule properly without knowing the rule?
  10. Rockerbob

    Hello from WA

    Welcome. There are many accomplished players that hang here. You will certainly find things to challenge and inspire. Even the experienced player has stuff they can learn. It's a shame that information in infinite, but our brains have a finite capacity. Any finite number compared to infinity is mathematically zero. So, after many years learning guitar and other academic study, I found I know nothing.
  11. Rockerbob

    #1 biggest challenge

    Currently, it's the hearing loss I've suffered. I struggle to identify the pitch of a note. After 50 + years learning guitar, I can still play fine, as long as I don't have to try to play along with someone. I've been playing professionally since 1974, but no more. I play around the house, and still do a lot of recording where I have more control over the sound. I have added model trains as an addition creative outlet. Running the old Lionel trains is fun, but the real fun is landscaping and decorating the layout, building 1:48 scale model cars and buildings. I'm currently building an old "new stock" model of a 1939 Mercedes 540-K. It's a Revell kit that was made in the late 1970s. I found it for $15 on eBay still in the original shrink-wrap on it. It's not quite 4" long and has 40 parts. Small parts.
  12. Rockerbob

    What is your favourite chord/ chord progression?

    Well, it's not a sharp diminished. It's a passing chord. In example, going from A to A#dim to Bm. It's a fine progression used frequently by James Taylor, and many others.
  13. Rockerbob

    What is your favourite chord/ chord progression?

    I like the passing chords. Sharp diminished chords are a favorite.
  14. Rockerbob

    Buying an acoustic condenser microphone

    For top notch studio sound you will need to pay more than $1000 for a microphone. $2500 to $5000 for monitors. A couple grand for a mediocre mixing desk, and a couple grand for pro software. Then look into room acoustics and soundproofing. That can cost tens of thousands, but if you want "Top Notch," it's the price of admission. Also, there is the experience issue. I started home recording in 1979, well before digital recording became ubiquitous. I've spent all that money over the decades, more than once, and I would bet $100 I can get as good an acoustic guitar sound out of an SM58 than a beginner can get from a $3500 mic. Also, use a good guitar. There is lots of debate over what is a good guitar. Recording is always easier when recording good instruments. Then there is the performance. At one time I felt I was a better guitar player/writer/singer than most of the stuff I heard on the radio. That was nothing short of hubris. I'm pretty good, but more middle of the pack than alpha male. It only took 50 years to learn that lesson, and I've been learning to play for about 52 years. I have written and recorded, along with my collaborator, about 200 songs in the past couple decades. I wrote and recorded a few dozen prior to that. I'm still not rich and famous. I'd be happy to settle for well off and well known, but alas, no fame or fortune. In my youth it had value attracting young women, and a few older ones.
  15. Rockerbob

    Lessons Learned From The First