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    Reading, fishing, watching cricket and rugby union, cycling, the Simpsons, Monty Python and movies written and starring Christopher Guest and Co.

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About Me

Where to begin...?

Originally from Sydney, now living in Wollongong.

Started playing when I was a little boy, got really serious about the whole thing in my teens; and the cricket bat, footy and surf board all became less important than the guitar, much to the horror of my sister! Her bedroom was next to mine, and she suffered for many hours as I practiced something over and over.

I love most styles of music, and that is reflected in my playing. I have done all sorts of gigs and recording sessions, from a solo classical pieces at weddings to guitar overdubs on Arabic dance tunes in the studio! That was a bizarre session, to say the least.

Family is very important to me; and I often tell Sam and Bek how much they have taught me about life and love...more than anyone else! Their mum is Ok too!

Bit of a God-botherer, love watching cricket and rugby, love reading, and can out-talk almost everyone else I know. Also enjoy surfing, watching movies, The Simpsons and Ren & Stimpy.

Apart from guitar I play sax and drums, but they are mainly reserved for the room I have set up as a studio. I have played both onstage before, but don't do enough work on either consistently to be as good as I could be.

I feel very strongly about poverty and injustice. We can make poverty history in our lifetime, if we want to.

I teach guitar to about 25 people a week, two days from home and one day from the studios at Engadine Music, in addition to gigs, the odd bit of studio work, and a few other bits and pieces.