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  1. MisterLutherMan

    What is your favourite chord/ chord progression?

    The edginess of the sound? haha
  2. MisterLutherMan

    What is your favourite chord/ chord progression?

    Whats sharpened in a sharp diminished chord?
  3. MisterLutherMan

    Buying an acoustic condenser microphone

    Great, thanks Carol M. I will do some research on it. Do you do any home recording yourself? I'm interested if you are, about any projects you've got going on. I've got loads of songs to record and I want them to sound top notch on the recording end, in the digital spectrum. Its annoying to have put in the work for playing and not have the right equipment to make a decent home brew recording. Still, in time it'll happen.
  4. Mine is the add9 chords. Just saw a post of one of our members playing it actually. I also like the ii, biib9, IMaj7add9 progression.
  5. MisterLutherMan

    Miniature composition with several scales involved

    Great playing man, this is relaxing to listen to The add9 chord at the end was lush
  6. MisterLutherMan

    (Original Music) - The Ghost

    Just had to play it again haha! Its nice to listen to.
  7. MisterLutherMan

    (Original Music) - The Ghost

    Great song I like the guitar/ bass riff, and the use of multiple video editing effects, used at different times, which keeps the video interesting to watch. The repeat of her nodding at the end got me. The odd rhythm put me off at the start, but as I listened to the whole song, I ended up liking it a lot. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more music from you /m/
  8. MisterLutherMan

    Hey fello guitar players

    Try using your fingertips instead of your fingerpads to hit the notes. This is in addition to the helpful comments above.
  9. Great playing! And on a lovely instrument. I feel like I'm in olden times. Though I have just been watching "Pride and Prejudice", so that might contribute.
  10. I've worked my bum off this summer, and I'm going to be investing in a condenser microphone to record my acoustic guitar songs. I've looked at some online, and I really want one that will do a great job, ideally not for a huge amount - I'm thinking up to £400 - so any suggestions are welcome. Also, have any of you bought and used condenser mics for acoustic guitar within the £50 - £200 price range? Thanks
  11. Here is a latest video from Reddit.com. I found it useful to playing parts of chords elsewhere on the neck, so I can get more out of my chords. Also, the blues bassline riffs were cool to learn. What do you guys think?
  12. MisterLutherMan

    Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    You can do some hand stretches. I had some pain that was a precursor to tendonitis, so I was told. After doing hand stretches before I play more intensive sessions, it has helped massively, in that I don't feel that pain anymore. That and measuring how much I play and how long for, and how difficult/ demanding the material I'm practising is, and how much I've done recently. Basiclally, pace yourself when practising a lot.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dRA28cdt5c This is a very engaging video on modal interchange. I love interesting videos on music theory, as some can be dull, and this one makes full use of a backing music tied in with his commentary and animation. A real treat to eat.
  14. MisterLutherMan

    Impro idea: circle of sixths

    Have you thought of targeting chord tones through the circle? You could practise like so: Root notes 3rds 5ths 7ths Combinations of two Combinations of three etc.
  15. This is a fun video to watch, its made for comedic purposes... ... But being serious here, these guys can play quite well regardless. The performance they are watching is of a very talented performer, who I reckon spent a while practising the piece she plays, and these guys just try to play it right off the bat! I mean, sight reading is a valuable skill in itself. Does anyone here sight read, and if so, what do you find the benefits of being able to do so are? I'm curious.