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  1. MisterLutherMan

    Blindfold Improvisation

    Nice playing man Watching musicians move when playing is far more engaging, even just a simple rocking. Its interesting; I feel more connected to the musician playing when I'm watching him move. Thats a very cool concept also. I will have to try this. I've done it before, though have ended up with irregular rhythms and very dissonant melodies, as I tried to go as weird as possible, or I stopped because I was afraid of going further.
  2. MisterLutherMan

    Improvisation question

    Hi there, I was watching this video on Reddit, and I am confused as to why he is playing a G minor pentatonic scale over a C7 chord. Can someone help me out? How does the G minor scale relate to the C7 chord? The video went through some explanations, but I didn't get them so well. Here is the video:
  3. I stumbled on this post on Reddit, and the exercise no.3 in it is a great one to do for ear training. I know what the author means in that you can just play the scale and not hear the sound of it, those colours that separate it from a major or minor scale, as the modes and those two scales are closely related. https://www.unlocktheguitar.net/blog/how-to-really-hear-the-modes
  4. MisterLutherMan

    Easy Guitar Chords?

    I'd say open chords are the easiest to play. Look them up on YouTube, theres a ton of videos on them.
  5. Easy song for beginners. I like the rhythm (starts a little late in the video, about a minute or so in), and the fact it only uses I, V, and IV chords that use the same shape. Going back to basics!
  6. MisterLutherMan

    Easy "Hard" Chords For Beginners

    Nice video He has a good approach. Has he done other work before? Judging by the comments it looks like he has had another YouTube channel.
  7. MisterLutherMan

    Josh Turner - amazing talent

    Beautiful I love the harmonies at the end. Unexpected and smoothly satisfying
  8. I am interested in the whole approach classical music takes on music. Its more complex than your average pop song, and elements of it have been taken and used for other songs all over, more so I think than other genres. The harmonies, melodic layering, and its structures are very appealing to me. In an interview with Aydin Esen, they talk about Jazz and Classical musicians "chasing the same thing". I did not get this until I delved deep into Jazz harmony, whereupon it seemed a lot of harmonic techniques like modulation and secondary dominants - those sounds I can hear in classical music, though used in different ways. Isn't that interesting?? 2 seemingly very different sounding genres, using a lot of the same techniques.
  9. MisterLutherMan

    Improvisation can touch every part of playing

    I find it interesting how we improvise, or how the art is learned. For myself, I learn by integrating specific phrases and scales, then when I'm improvising, those phrases and scales get mixed up and rearranged, but its not a conscious process of mixing. The fact also that we can create melodies and such that do not sound anything like what we may have been playing points to a deeper level of music within us. I believe each of us has unique combinations of rhythm and harmonies and melodies that are a sonic representation of our individual souls. And improvising is such a great thing for all musicians, because you discover parts of yourself that you may not have uncovered normally, prompted to express in the heat of a jam, or solo.
  10. A looper would help massively in this regard. I've been researching them recently myself as I'm going to buy one. From what I've seen, you can get some top end ones which have more than one looping track to layer loops over, or you can get lower budget ones with one loop track. It depends how much looping you want to do it seems, and how versatile you need it to be. For instance, the loop pedals with 3 tracks can have their volumes individually lowered or raised, which is great for mixing whilst performing. This is what I would want myself. You might think differently for yourself. Top end seems to be £250 - £350. Low end seems to be £150.
  11. MisterLutherMan

    What is your favourite chord/ chord progression?

    The edginess of the sound? haha
  12. MisterLutherMan

    What is your favourite chord/ chord progression?

    Whats sharpened in a sharp diminished chord?
  13. MisterLutherMan

    Buying an acoustic condenser microphone

    Great, thanks Carol M. I will do some research on it. Do you do any home recording yourself? I'm interested if you are, about any projects you've got going on. I've got loads of songs to record and I want them to sound top notch on the recording end, in the digital spectrum. Its annoying to have put in the work for playing and not have the right equipment to make a decent home brew recording. Still, in time it'll happen.
  14. Mine is the add9 chords. Just saw a post of one of our members playing it actually. I also like the ii, biib9, IMaj7add9 progression.
  15. MisterLutherMan

    Miniature composition with several scales involved

    Great playing man, this is relaxing to listen to The add9 chord at the end was lush