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  1. Re uploaded this video
  2. I re uploaded this video https://youtu.be/leXw91LDcoE
  3. Ste83

    New to the forum

    Thanks all🌞
  4. Ste83

    New to the forum

    Thanks 🌞
  5. Ste83

    New to the forum

    Thanks mike
  6. Ste83

    New to the forum

    Thanks jan look forward to getting involved 🌞
  7. Hi guys I been playing 2years and me and my start guitar are loving it so I decided to learn a couple of instrumentals by yngwie and post them I’m using a Ibanez from the gio range and a blackstar 10 watt amp here’s the link 🌞 https://youtu.be/xffcZM_tOaE
  8. Ste83

    Japanese Asian bands

    Hi guys i found a really cool Japanese band baby metal and doll$box I used to be all maiden and yngwie until I found these guys
  9. Ste83

    New to the forum

    Hi guys new here name is ste been playing 2years I have learned a few yngwie tracks and abit of baby metal I play on a beginner Ibanez with a ten watt amp so new on the block look forward to posting I joined the forum because I’m still fresh on the guitar and looking for a kinda friendly environment thanks ste 🌞