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    Left Pinky Blues and Handedness

    Thanks everyone! I will give my pinkie some time:) And yes duly noted about the strings in the wrong order. I thought it might be the case when I was writing it!!:)
  2. Hi, I am 48 years old and bought my first guitar about 12 days ago. I've been playing everyday since and really enjoying myself. I have been using the Uberchord App on iPhone which is really great. At this point as you can imagine, I can only perform a few chords slowly etc... Last night I came upon a G chord with: - middle finger on 2nd fret of 2nd chord - ring finger on 3rd fret of 1st chord - pinky on 3rd fret of 6th chord I was absolutely not able to place my left pinky on that fret. I had to use my right hand to place it there and I could barely apply pressure. After that, I couldn't really move it out of the way easily either. Since then, I found out there are other ways to execute that chord without the pinky but it made me realize how cripple my poor pinky is. I've searched and found articles about strengthening the pinky with a stress ball amongst other things but my main issue here is flexibility. My pinky just seems to follow my ring finger. Does anyone have any advice to help develop flexibility? I thought a few things: - when driving my long LA commute, I could put my 4 other things on one side of the wheel and keep on flexing that pinky independently:) - I'm a software developer so I think I will try to use my left pinky to type - Since people get physical therapy when they have motion limitation... is there such a thing for a pinky:)? Finally... Having been typing and programming since I was a young teenager, I actually have great flexibility in my right hand (and right pinky), which almost makes me wonder if I should try a left-handed guitar and use my right hand for fretting. Anyone has any opinion about this? How does handedness really affect guitar play? thanks, franck-