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  1. Hi Texred! Thank you for your response! Sorry to hear about your bad luck with your home. No wonder you don't have time to practice guitar! You are right, life gets in the way but I think if we find something we're really passionate about we will make time. I am playing an older Walden electric acoustic which is a much better guitar to learn on than what I tried to learn on before! The action is really nice on her and I put some lighter strings on so my fingers wouldn't hurt so much! I am trying to mute the top e string with my thumb, so that while plugged in it doesnt rattle and sound horrible! Such a different sound plugged in, you can hear every imperfection! lol What are you rockin out on Texred?
  2. Thanks Rocker Bob! Especially the tip in regards to the "action" ! I remember trying to learn the guitar at 30 and gave up because of this reason! Oh and perhaps a lack of patience and dedication! lol
  3. Over40

    42 yo and just purchased first guitar.

    Hi Juan! Nice to meet you! I am new to this forum as well as you! I also, have just taken up the guitar at age 47! Perhaps we can share some tips on what is working and what is not!..lol I am eager to hear more about the progress you are making! Keep us posted!! ~ Joy
  4. Hello everyone! I am a 47 year old female who just took up the guitar a few months ago and what a slow, self fulfilling journey it has been so far! What are your thoughts? Can I be any good eventually, starting at such an old age?