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  1. Rav1234

    Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Your too modest....I think your a great guitar player. Just the way I hear it but I can feel how much feeling you put into every note and your phrasing is also very very good. To add Carl.... is great on the bass.
  2. Hi. Again thanks for feedback. You certainly have a lot of knowledge. In the instrumental I use delay and distortion and wah pedal in a small section of the song..I'm not sure I could give those effects up...but who knows....I guess it's just down to personal preference, taste and the type of music. Again thanks for your advice ..... I've checked out one of your tunes in another section...really enjoyed it.
  3. Rav1234

    Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Yes your certainly a great guitar player! I also loved the bass line....and drum pattern
  4. Hi RockerBob. Yes.. I think my lack of experience with effects sometimes masked the notes and made it messy. I will keep working on it...Thank you for feedback...its appreciated and also thank you for taking the time to listen.
  5. Hi. I started playing guitar when I was 16 but lost interest for many years. I've now started again and recorded my first song about a month ago. The composition is inspired by the lydian mode hence the title..which I used in the introduction. Any constructive feedback would be welcomed...Please click on the link......and thank you for taking the time to listen..It means alot to me. https://youtu.be/gGbZU2W1rYM
  6. Nice singing ...just slightly out of key now and again ....keep it up and thanks for sharing ....I enjoyed your performance.
  7. I think the echo/delay sounds fine...and you play very well...your phrasing in my opinion is very good and you play some really nice notes and riffs. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Rav1234

    Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Hi again. I have listen again....and I like it even more....great doubles stops...pinch harmonics chokes...I think...Thank you for sharing.
  9. Rav1234

    Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Now I clicked the button....to listen....and wow I didn't expect that..... ........I'm going listen again....very cool vibe and smokin guitar playing.