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  1. Karen jones


    Hi I like folk, rock nothing to heavy but anything really
  2. Karen jones

    Earth fire acoustic

    Thank you for that I have bookmarked it
  3. Karen jones

    Earth fire acoustic

    Thank you all I must know someone who plays guitar I will ask them to take a look at it for me, I won't be to gutted if they say it's not to good as I only paid 5 quid for the guitar and the cost of new strings and bridge pins. The action does seem ok it's about 3 mm on the twelfth frett and about 1 3/4 on the first frett. What guitar would you guys recomend as a good starting point. I will be honest it is only for my pleasure as I have the singing voice of a chalk on a blackboard, so it will be my one and only purchase probably well acoustic any way apart from the one I have that is thank you all
  4. Karen jones

    Earth fire acoustic

    Hi I have bought a guitar which has honestly only cost me a few quid, It's an earthfire summer breeze. i have always wanted to learn the guitar but I have never had the time until now. I know it's only an entry level guitar, so I am wondering if it would be suitable to begin with. As I say it only cost a few quid so nothing lost really thanks in advance for your replys
  5. Karen jones


    Thank you all so much C
  6. Karen jones


    Hi everyone I'm Karen and I've been wanting to learn the guitar forever I am now 49 and if I don't start now I will be devastated. I have plenty of people laugh and say I'm to old but here goes, I will be needing as much help and advice as you can give me thank you for letting me join your comunity x