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    electric guitar noise problem

    Hello First of all, my native language is not English, so I'm sorry, I'll try my best to explain the issue. So I've purchased a cheap Start copy to learn the basics and learn to play, at first I used it as an acoustic and once I finally plugged it in as an electric, I got noise problems. I do not have amps, pedals, boxes, none of that, all I have is a cable, 6,35mm -> 3,5mm adapter and I plug my guitar straight to my computer's microphone jack, I also use Guitar Rig 5 software. So the problem is that there's always a terrible noise in the background, I reduce it by minimizing input level in my audio drivers and once I use my Guitar Rig, I rock the "Gate" option a little bit down to reduce it even more, at that point it becomes a little better, BUT once I load any preset, it just gets out of control, I tried a few components of Noise reduction, it didn't do much, as soon as you play the strings, the noise comes back. I have a video recorded, so you can see how it actually is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRtH39ULZvE So guys, do you have any ideas? Is it because I plug my guitar straight to the PC using only an adapter and wihout any external audio interface? Thanks!