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  1. I plan on learning Flamenco Guitar in the future, so before hand I would like to learn the fundamentals of guitar on my own so when I do take lessons on Flamenco I wouldn't waste so much time on the basics and have a hard time with the fretboard in general. What are some good materials you guys would recommend? Are there any method books, theory books, video tutorials, or even videos from youtube or udemy, etc that you guys could recommend? What I like to work on is being more familiar with the fretboard, knowing where notes are, and especially, how to visualize and be more comfortable with where everythings are. I did some looking around online, is the CAGED system any good? or 3 notes per string? What are some things I should focus on first, second.... in terms of scales, chords, etc. If it's not too much trouble, can anyone perhaps show me a good practice routine on the most important things I should learn and practice ?