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  1. Good evening all, Bought an Aria Strat-a-like at Uni 30 years ago, dabbled but never really had lessons or took it seriously. Then the inevitable, graduated got a job and life passed me by. Fast forward to last year, thought ‘sod this’ you love music so why not get off yer arse, you can afford lessons and the gear so I did! Am fortunate to have good job so went mad and bought a few guitars (Les Paul Custom 25/50 78 anniversary, Tele MIJ reissue, G&L legacy, Ibanez RG6CMLTD, Gretsch and a Guild CE240 (not all at once mind) and has 16 lessons with fella called Gizz Butt of Prodigy fame and really started to get the buzz but wasn’t till I moved to a new teacher called John (whose been musically trained, his enthusiasm is infectious and is a great teacher) that the penny started to drop. Love playing, only been 18 months but it’s a wonderful stress relieving hobby and the wonders of backing tracks on YouTube and learning scales and suddenly ‘yeah!’ I can play a few bits. But you then listen to people like John Sykes, Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny, Gilmour, Buckethead, SRV, Prince, Hendricks and then realise they’re at the top of a massive mountain and have been climbing for years and I’ve only taken 4 steps....metaphorically speaking. Don’t play with anyone which I think would be fun so is purely a solo affair in my music room. Struggling with barre chords and sore fingers but getting there slowly......am pleased to finally be in the club but wished I’d started 30 years when I had the chance..........
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    Yeah keep going Panther - you’ll be good and probably be a better player for the knock I reckon ....