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  1. AdMeliora4me

    Practice Routine Suggestions

    Thank you for the replies. Much appreciated. I'll be going back to work on my lesson plans for next week.
  2. AdMeliora4me

    Practice Routine Suggestions

    Hi all, I'm looking for some suggestions/advice on my practice routine. When I was first starting out, I found it easier to manage my practice time, but after my first year, I'm finding it difficult to decide what exactly I want to focus on and for how long. I'm truly interested in learning as many different styles and whatnot, so it becomes a bit overwhelming at times when I sit down to schedule out my practice sessions for the week. I am currently interested in learning acoustic blues style, fingerpicking styles, folk, and some rock. my biggest issue right now is where to start. So if I pick the blues to focus on for awhile, where would be a good place to start? This is my current routine as of now: 10-15 min- Warm up exercises (chromatic ex., alternate picking ex., etc) 10-15 min- Scales, chords, progressions 15-20 min- working on original songs, cover songs I realize now that one of my biggest mistakes up to this point is not focusing enough on learning the fret board. I am going to start incorporating different exercises to help me in this area. If any of you have any suggestions or advice for me on this topic, I would greatly appreciate it. I've been playing for a year now, but still see myself as a beginner. Thanks in advance. Take care. Brian
  3. AdMeliora4me

    New to forum

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to guitar. I have tinkered around with playing for a few years, but never got serious. Almost a year ago, I decided to change all that. I made a commitment to practice for a minimum of 30 min. a day for 40 days. I ended up practicing for at least an hour a day for the 40 days and kept going. Here I am almost a year later and have still kept at it. I'm hoping to keep at it for at least another year. Thought I'd join the forum for some advice and conversation. Take care. Brian