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    Barre Chords for Beginners and Beyond

    So this is what people keep calling the CAGED system? Glad I found this forum then!
  2. Christen M

    Acoustic Guitars

    I can't stop re-reading and re-reading this article https://guitarunited.com/best-guitar-for-beginners-guitar-buying-guide/ because I'm trying to find a perfect guitar for me. I'm getting an electric but I might impulse buy and get an acoustic as well. In the article, it said laminated tops are more durable than solid tops but the later sound better. Why would the laminate top be more durable if it sounds less superior to solid top? I'm a complete newbie to guitars so please don't hate the stupid question lol
  3. Christen M

    What's are the best guitar brands?

    What are these good imitation brands if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Christen M

    I want to learn guitar, which one to get?

    Thanks for this. I guess now I believe what the writer is saying here https://guitarunited.com/best-guitar-for-beginners-guitar-buying-guide/ who kept repeating that it's really up to you and there's no definite answer, no specific guitar. At first after reading this I thought, "wtf that's the laziest answer ever, how many centuries did the guitar exist already, it's so hard to believe that there are no specific guitars for this situation" but now I get it. From your answer I now know that whatever I end up getting, it's going to be an electric guitar. Rock n roll!