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    El Salto That's good advice and I hope playing with others is in my future. To be able to get together with a group and play a song that sounds half way decent is very gratifying.
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    I have been taking guitar lessons for about four years. I thought I would be better by now but I'm still hanging in there. I got into a band over two years ago. We got together every Wednesday night and jammed. I was easily the weakest player but I was able to get by. Our songs were simple and we had enough music to play for about 40 minutes. I couldn't play solos but I could play the chords. After awhile we joined up with a couple of other bands and started playing in local bars for free. Someone noticed us and offered to pay us to play in his club. After this, the dynamics in our group changed. Some other band members recruited a better guitar player and I was forced out. It was hurtful and I took a break for about two months. I started back taking lessons every week and strive to get better. I don't think I will try to get in a band unless I can hold my own with soloing. It may never happen but i'm OK with it.