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  1. texred

    Top 5 Slide players, then top 50

    WHERE did everybody go? 2015? Crazy! When I grow up I want to play slide (old guitar noob) Bonnie Raitt
  2. texred

    Intonating your electric guitar or bass

    Bob, was this before your time here? There's a whole new crop of us somewhere?
  3. texred

    Intonating your electric guitar or bass

    Hi! Total noob, guitar, computer, and forums. Sounds beyond, eh . . . I have a 2006 Chinese Squier and an Epi LP P90s. I practice on the LP. I have a question, plus I wanted to resurrect this thread, ya'll !! The Epi will stay in tune, even with Chinese factory tuners (2016), and is intonated well. I was ready to throw the tuners away, but one of my best advisors, Rockerbob, has thrown a bunch of physics at me, while I'm trying to upload the tuner pics! One was slipping when I was tuning the other day, and if I pushed down on the peg, it took. And stayed in tune. Been gone a couple days, so we'll see!
  4. texred

    Guitars for Sale?

    Ye of little faith. Sorry about sending you wrong message. What watt? Watch and see, Rockerbob. I love all older things. Would rather have "vintage" than new.
  5. texred

    a little write-up on my new electric guitar

    You did good!! Did the yen go up? It's beautiful, and good shot on the chrome! (I like chrome. Shoulda seen my Harleys). Well, I seem to be a collector of$99 Chinese guitars. But the Epi LP P90s weighs like 4 lbs. My back's so bad, I mostly practice (can't legally say play) sitting down. I got enough to do. Have fun and happy for you!! Yeah, and what Rocketman said, make lotsa noise. Yoko is entombed thousands of miles from you (I think). boy, am I late. still great??
  6. texred

    strap locks

    Thanks, Bob. Again, you saved me unnecessary $$. I must have been reading comments by alarmists.
  7. My favorite place to go strap shopping. They have a one of a kind section that got wiped out by mudslide. Right now everything I saw was $29. These are all handmade, even the not one of a kind. I don't like much what they got up right now, but I've already bought one a while back. All I have to do is call them and they'll put up different stock. These people are amazing.
  8. texred


    My Epi LP P90s came with crap tuners (hex) that spin around. I'm looking at Schaller M6A Tuners 3 x 3, $59.95. Will they fit with screwing? Guitar is 2016. MF says yes but to me they don't sound so sure, and a review by a Gibson owner said he had to drill holes. Help?
  9. texred

    strap locks

    I like to carry LP around neighborhood and look cool
  10. texred


    All of a sudden the site won't let me send a pm to a mod. It says you can only send 5 messages a day
  11. How do I upload pictures to Attachments? And why isn't the below (drag files, etc ) on every message box like this?
  12. texred

    How to delete PMs when full?

    I have no idea what that other crap is. I can't find the destructions to empty PMs? I can't send one because it's full. ************HELP****************
  14. texred

    Guitars for Sale?

    Looking for a low end solid body with humbuckers, set in neck, coil splitter, stuff
  15. texred

    strap locks

    OK, silly question, but this IS the place for silly people! Are there any strap locks that don't required screws? And where? I've been shopping for 2 hours (not just for those)