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  1. MikkoKarhula

    Blindfold Improvisation

    This is very nice to hear because I have thought a lot lately how I should be in front of audience and I thought that I'm old enough to be like I am without thinking too much how I look. And it's very true that listener connects better to player if he/she moves with the music. And also player connects the source of music better that way. I'm playing a lot odd-time music also and it's interesting how body moves with that.. Thank you!
  2. Hey! Here is little trip I made to old iron mines in Helsinki. The music is played with Bulgarian tamboura that is relative for mandolin and other plucked instruments like guitar. There is some interesting stories included the history of these mines. Like that there is rumours where maybe some one were killed and sinked into one of those pits. You can see more in the video. I hope you like it! Kindest, Mikko
  3. MikkoKarhula

    Miniature composition with several scales involved

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
  4. Thank you so much! If you are interested you can check out this video starting from 2:20. There is this same composition now in whole. Cheers, Mikko
  5. MikkoKarhula

    Impro idea: circle of sixths

    That is nice idea too. Thank you!
  6. Hello This time wanted to share something different I have used to. I have started to make videos of Finnish nature with Bulgarian tambura (guitar and mandolin relative instrument) playing. The idea is to take instrument somewhere new place and start to improvise or play composition. Then it's recorded in that place with the mood of that atmosphere. This the fourth video of this idea. Here is little bit about this mysterious place: The pond of Kruunuvuori tells romantic and dark story. In these conditions this rare natural water lies in a valley 8 meters above the sea level and is surrounded by solid rock. Villas around the area were owned by Germans untill the defeat in WWII. After that these fine buildings and its domain where moved to Soviets. In 1952 Olympics multi-winner Emil Zátopek was housed by people in Kruunuvuori and he showed some running around the pond for the people. In the late 60’s there was found a body in the pond and he/she was killed by hits to his/her head with a blunt object. Every now and then I return to this pond and admire its remarkable magic. This time I took my instrument and recording equipment with me. Sat down the dock, picked some notes and let surrounding do the work. I hope you will enjoy this little trip! Kindest, Mikko
  7. MikkoKarhula

    Impro idea: circle of sixths

    Thank you! Yeah I think so too. There is some kind of surprising moment happening all the time with this circle. I love it but it's still bit difficult for improvising to me.
  8. Hi! When practicing new instrument or new style I have found excellent aid to learn classical etudes. Playing bach's preludes or Paganini's caprices puts one in situation where one have to check out really detailed hand positions. This instrument (Bulgarian tambura) is little bit mystery in playing technique-wise for me. So i thought this would be good help for it. I have made transcription of this etude and it works well on guitar too (same tuning). So if you are interested check you tabs/notation from this link: http://mikkokarhula.wixsite.com/mikkokarhula/mikkokarhula
  9. Hi! Although I sometimes find it hard to categorize my playing to jazz, I have to admit that getting understanding on jazz theory has helped me a lot with composing. Here is one example a miniature composition that uses several different scales. Despite that I recognized those scales while composing I tried to follow musical means as a priority. I hope you like it! Kindest, Mikko
  10. Hello! Years ago one Finnish guitar guru showed me idea where you could practice arpeggios by using circle of sixths instead of fifths. After this I saw same idea in Ted Greene's videos. I made little riff that maybe some day hopefully will be longer, maybe a song. I used mainly here circle of sixths that goes: A-F#m-D-Bm-G-Em-C-Am and then out of circle G-F-G7. The circle will normally continue after Am and eventually consist all keys. In this video I play 4 times the riff and improvise a little after that with this circle of sixth's idea. I hope you like it. Kindest, Mikko
  11. MikkoKarhula

    Blindfold Improvisation

    Hi! I posted some time ago here a video about composing without thinking keys or chord and scale relations (Keyless-thinking). After posting that lesson to Finnish forum I was told that for example Barney Kessel and Rauol Björkenheim are used to practise blindfolded. It sounded interesting So I decided to try this method too. Like in ”Keyless Thinking” also in this experiment I tried to find new ways to dig deeper into my musical self. In this example everything was improvised eyes wide shut. Here are some thoughts that this method brought to my mind. 1. After I was more used to the idea of playing blindfolded I really felt that I could concentrate more in making actual music. There was no visual distraction from surroundings and also from fingers and guitar. In some parts I forgot guitar and fretboard and ”saw” just darkness or random pictures. 2. At first I was afraid of mistakes that occurs in fret position changes. But after a while I felt more comfortable about it 3. It was very interesting to see my self from video after playing. Normally I stay still and concentrate a lot in watching my fingers while playing. Now when it was impossible I seemed to be moving a lot with the music. It was suprising to me. It seems that I delved into a more comprehensive creating music. Also this time it might be that I didn’t pay so much attention how things look to outside. I have read that moving while playing activates the body’s muscles and that way prevent injuries. I think that it might also help playing to be more natural and attached to different musical expressions. My conclusion from this experimentation is that I might loose some of the most bravest jumps on fretboard but connection between my guitar and my musical thinking with this method is more closer and honest. So maybe I will continue with this. Do you have experiences with this method? Cheers, Mikko
  12. Hi! This improvisation section is to me "the source of life" in music. I have written a lot about creative playing, creativity that touches not only playing solos but the whole playing. Making practicing as creative that is possible you can get out of manners that rule your inner musical language. Also to get the personal way of sounding is to be honest to your self and improvise just to find right notes not to find right licks or theory-based thinking. I think that this huge and important topic that can be talked days and days. I hope we get some discuss about it. Feel free to comment and contact. Here is video clip I made last summer at my parents summer cottage's veranda. It was something about 20 min long "song" and it started from one chord or a key and then I tried to make music for that rainy outside situation as freely I could. Kindest, Mikko