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  1. Hi! When practicing new instrument or new style I have found excellent aid to learn classical etudes. Playing bach's preludes or Paganini's caprices puts one in situation where one have to check out really detailed hand positions. This instrument (Bulgarian tambura) is little bit mystery in playing technique-wise for me. So i thought this would be good help for it. I have made transcription of this etude and it works well on guitar too (same tuning). So if you are interested check you tabs/notation from this link: http://mikkokarhula.wixsite.com/mikkokarhula/mikkokarhula
  2. Hi! Here is mini lesson for beginning guitarists. I hope you like it! Kindest, Mikko
  3. Hi! Here is very easy mini-lesson for plectrum picking. I hope you like it! Kindest, Mikko
  4. Hi everyone! I made little classical influenced etude that turn out to be practice piece for muting, string-skipping, polyrhythms and arpeggios at same time. I hope you like it! Let's see if I have chance to make tabs for it. Kindest, Mikko
  5. Hi everyone! Here is my first release from my first album. Normally I play ethno jazz and similar music but this time I have let myself compose anything that just comes out. Surprisingly it came out as some kind of a dance music that I haven't done EVER! Album will be on Spotify as the first song. I hope you like it! All the best for you! - Mikko
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