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    Welcome Edgar01. I need all the help I can get.
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    Hi there!

    Hey, there. Welcome to the forum.
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    string gauge

    I'm not a string "snob." I typically use a copper-wound medium gauge on my acoustics, and a nickel wound light or medium gauge on my electrics. I did just recently go to a heavier gauge (Ernie Ball M-Steel Power Slinky - 11-48) on "Shimmer," my Robin Trower Strat.
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    Greetings Graham. Tips you'll get a-plenty here. But you'll have to ask so we'll know what you're looking for. 😉
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    Looking at AMPS, really confused, need help!

    I have a couple of Fender combo/modeling amps, and I think for your purposes, something like this may be what you'll get the best use from. Recently, I bought a Line6 AMPLIFi 30, which is one fabulous little amp! It may be a bit pricier than what you're looking for, but consider: It's small. Really small. Fits on your coffee table, about the size of a lunch box. It really is a 30W amp. The sound is produced by four speakers, not one, not two. An all-in-1 guitar amplifier and Bluetooth audio player High-quality, stereo Bluetooth speaker Compatible with Amplifi Remote app for iOS and Android devices 200 amp, cabinet, stompboxes, and studio effects Lush-sounding wet/dry stereo effects Sleek, modern look that is living room approved Headphone output for silent playing Compatible with Line 6 FBV MkII foot controller for expanded functionality A blurb from Sweetwater's page: "Inside the Line 6 Amplifi 30 is a modeling guitar amplifier that lets you manipulate over 200 amps, cabinets, and effects. And you can do it all from your iOS or Android device. Simply download the free Amplifi Remote app and start tweaking away. It's also a full-featured Bluetooth speaker system that's perfect for jamming along with or for listening to. Just fire up your MP3 player, sync up, and enjoy your favorite tunes in true stereo. Line 6 loaded the Amplifi 30 with a 4-speaker full-range system. You'll love the stereo sound you get from the Amplifi 30. This photo of mine should give you an idea of the size.
  6. Hey popster, Since you're in the Maryland/DC suburbs, try going to Chuck Levin's in Wheaton. It's a real old-time guitar/music center with a lot of history in its 60 years behind it (there's a photo in their archives with Stevie Wonder). Any musician traveling through D.C. in need of accessories, repair or instruments was directed to Chuck Levin's. As for meeting other beginning guitar players, you already have a great tool at your disposal: your computer. Try a meetup group, or go to lessons.com. There are positively hundreds of meet-n-greet/jam opportunities at your fingertips...
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    New to the forum

    Welcome, Ste.
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    New kid in town

    Welcome, JvW. Personally, it makes no difference to me whether there's a sheet music stand present or not. I'm about to start my first-ever public playing gig accompanying my church's worship band. Everyone in the band has the sheet music, and no one in the audience cares.
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    Help figuring this out?

    I only just now watched it once, so I haven't dug into it, but on first glance, it appears he's just playing inversions of the basic chords, just higher on the fretboard. The basic chord structure of the song is A - E - F# - B - A -D - Bm, so looking at the break being played, the hand position on the 12th fret suggests variations on the A chord, B, or D. Kirk's philosophy is to use chord tones, so my suspicion is that what's being played here are simply variations of the chords used lower on the neck.
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    Child size guitar

    cbdeajr, take a look a Reverb.com. It's kind of like an eBay for musicians. I've purchased several guitars from sellers there, and often a used guitar can be had for much less than new. Many sellers will negotiate, too. Plus, Reverb has a guarantee program. You may not find what you're looking for there, but then again, you might.
  11. oldstrummer

    Guitar Sound "Mr Jones" Counting Crows

    One thing I've noticed when watching other players perform is that almost all of them (it's a rare exception) use one or more foot pedals. There is an acoustic guitar player in my church's worship band who by necessity, has to run his Martin through a Fishman amp just to be heard along with the drums, keyboard and bass. He has a small pedal board that he uses from time to time, to do what I know not. I have a variety of pedals, too. And two modeling amps. The assortment of sounds and amp "signatures" I can reach are astounding. But even though I have a Robin Trower Stratocaster, a Robin Trower Overdrive and a Uni-Vibe, I really can only come close to making my playing sound "Trower-like." What I find is that I will come close to approximating a certain sound, and then start tweaking it to suit me and my playing. Trying to sound note-for-note like someone else (can you say "Voodoo Child?" I thought you could) is almost always a waste of time and increasing frustration for me. Bottom line: It takes more than a guitar and an amp to sound like someone else.
  12. When I taught myself to play guitar decades ago, TAB hadn't been invented. Or, more appropriately, it hadn't been "standardized." Thus, I never learned TAB and I feel it's been a hindrance to my playing improvement. I understand it conceptually, but I can't seem to translate the tablature notation to the fretboard; I learned chord charts, and those I can quickly apply, which may seem counter-intuitive to those reading this. For me, I keep trying to apply "chord tones" using the chart diagrams in my head, translating them to the fingerboard. It's hard work though, because I'm having to "double translate" while working my fingers. It why PT appeals to me. I'm still having to toss aside my old conceptions and try to apply the numbers to the notes. It's not easy for me.
  13. oldstrummer

    Radical Rockstar saying Hello

    Hi and welcome, Tom. Why is it your name is familiar to me? I doubt we've ever met, so I have to think I've heard or read your name somewhere. Care to enlighten me?
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    Welcome, Novice. I assume you mean the Rockman headphone amplifier? I'm not sure what effect you think it gives, as it's simply an amp that feeds into a pair of headphones. If you want effects, you'll either have to add pedal(s) into the chain, or play with the volume and tone knobs on the guitar. If you can expound a little, perhaps we can be more helpful.
  15. Too true. I ran my first marathon when I was 54.
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    Hello Everyone

    Greetings talespinner!
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    strap locks

    After I got my first Les Paul I read a lot of people mentioning "neck dive." I hadn't a clue as to what they were referring to. After having it explained to me, I was still confused. I never experienced neck dive with any of my guitars. But I guess that's because I don't let go of the neck except when I'm not playing.
  18. oldstrummer

    Walker & Williams Guitar Straps

    I'm partial to Italia Straps. They make 2.5" and 4" leather straps in a variety of colors. I have several paired to specific guitars and they look great! They also have some periodic sales that make their prices drool-worthy.
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    Hello from Canada

    "I want to be a rock star!" Personally, I've held to the philosophy I learned many years ago: Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life. I love what I do that provides me a living. And I'm good at it. I love playing guitar, but I'm not good enough at it to make money. For me, once I started making money at it, it would become a hard, frustrating job. And then I'd hate it.
  20. oldstrummer

    Help deciding

    Thanks. I have a fondness for Strats.
  21. oldstrummer

    Finger Tip Mashing

    You might also be using too thick of a string gauge. As a beginner, you might consider switching to a lighter gauge. The sound will suffer (IMO), but your fingers will thank you until they toughen up enough to go heavier.
  22. oldstrummer

    What's are the best guitar brands?

    Here's a list of the 33 best acoustic and electric guitar brands according to Spinditty. Reading past the expected brands you might find some real gems. https://spinditty.com/instruments-gear/Best-Electric-Guitar-Brands
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    Mastering the 12 String Acoustic

    Not always the case. The first guitar I bought brand new in 1971 was a German Framus 12-string. It has (yes, I still have it) a 1.75" nut, which is a mere 1/16" wider than my Taylor six-string. It also has an ebony fingerboard and a zero fret. There were times I would remove the extra six strings and just play it as a regular six-string.
  24. oldstrummer

    Hello from Canada

    There is only one reason to play guitar, and that is for your own enjoyment. There is only one person you need to satisfy in this regard, and that is you.
  25. oldstrummer

    Help deciding

    Me, teach? God, no! I'm not even a very good student. The LP is a Gibson Classic "Rock" II. I got it mostly for its "collectibility." If there is such a thing. It's not my favorite guitar.