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  1. spirittoo

    Guitar Sound "Mr Jones" Counting Crows

    Great input folks ... I never thought about a foot pedal ... lot's of things to keep in mind thanks. 🖖
  2. spirittoo

    Guitar Sound "Mr Jones" Counting Crows

    Yes indeed ... I'd appreciate any input from the forum ... thank you.
  3. spirittoo

    Guitar Sound "Mr Jones" Counting Crows

    Hi again ... wellsir ... I had a feeling it would be something like that ... thank you so much for your input.🖖
  4. Hello ... I have this guitar ... Squier Affinity Series Special Strat Electric And I have this amp ... Blackstar LT-ECHO 10 10W Guitar Combo Amplifier I've been trying to match the sound of the guitar in the song "Mr Jones", but I can't seem to duplicate it. Do I have the right amp and guitar to do so? Or no? If so what setting should I have them on? Thank you for reading my post.