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    a little write-up on my new electric guitar

    Ive got an Epiphone version of that, kind of Same colour, almost same everything Sounds great to me but probably wouldn't pass muster with the Musos Like the rocking horse, dude
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    What's are the best guitar brands?

    Very interesting guide oldstrummer
  3. Been learning and progressing on the usual 6 string acoustic and electric guitars Recently got a 12 string acoustic and although I can play it, even allowing for covering two strings with my fingers, It just seems a bit different, a bit more difficult to master I can`t seem to decide whether the frets are a miniscule distance further apart, or its a slightly wider neck, Is it common for guitarists to find the 12 string a more problematic instrument to master ?
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    Welcome Karen You`re still way younger than me
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    Mastering the 12 String Acoustic

    Thanks for the replies dudes Jan, my hand is ok, seems to have settled down to a permanently sore thumb Its bearable though, and I just keep playing regardless I`m very much a strummer re playing the 12 string, even on the standard 6 string my finger picking is limited Its an Ibanez guitar but can`t remember what model, would probably be around the £200 mark so not expensive Sounds great though, and as always, sounds better when someone else plays it
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    Tunecore - sell your music on iTunes

    Is tunecore still ongoing Last post on this thread is over ten years ago ?
  7. Perspective If you start playing guitar at 10 years old and practice regularly, take lessons etc, by the time you`re 30 you should be shit hot If like me, you start at 53, take lessons and practice regularly it would, using the logic above, take till I was 73 to be on the shit hot scale I just enjoy being able to play at a competent intermediate learner level, at the same level as my peers in our Jam Band Time isn`t on my side to be a virtuoso, that's just the way it is Someone will come on to tell me I`m talking shit, I know
  8. Ha ha, thanks for the encouragement, but in my case its safe to say that I`m shit. Like really shit, but not shit enough that it will stop me trying to home record some of my shit songs. Its enjoyable no matter how shit I am. Yes its 2018 and I`m getting old.
  9. I have the same problem when recording at home Fingers don't want to do as my brain tells them I can play the song that I`m attempting to record a million times, adequately But once I know its a "take", I disintegrate Sometimes I settle for a well less than perfect take, convincing myself that its more "real" I think I`m basically a shit guitarist
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    42 yo and just purchased first guitar.

    I wish I was 42 Welcome