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    Guitar Practice Journal Idea

    To whom? For what? Or, is that an order from one of the moderators swinging their weight around? 'Cause that's the only way I see anyone taking offense at my post. Answer my question, please. If you don't care what someone's opinion is and you don't feel facts are useful, what the hell are you doing on a forum where opinions are exchanged and facts are presented? What the hell qualifies you to be a moderator? Little moderators with big power issues wear me out.
  2. JanVigne

    Guitar Practice Journal Idea

    Paul, I'm happy to hear I could be of assistance to you. That is the reason I do these forums. I apologize for any offense you've found in my posts. Forums are notorious for misunderstandings and misinterpretations. However, IMO I'm not assuming anything and I am not doing any more than saying we all learn in our own personal way. Whether anyone makes use of a journal is anyone's choice to try. There is ample evidence a journal has been a long standing tool for the successful musician. Just having a journal, however, is not a guarantee of your success. That is a point I have made repeatedly. "So please stop assuming things and stating: 'Do as you please, take whatever you want and leave the rest, it doesn't change my life one tiny bit. But, why are you here if you don't want to, at the very least, consider what someone else has to say?'" I'm not assuming "things". I was asked a question, I responded with an answer and I was told it didn't matter what I said or what facts I presented. You can read the post above. My question is, why ask if you don't care about an answer? Why bother being on a forum based on other people's input if you don't care about other people's input? Not everything I write has to do with you, Paul. "This comment of yours is pure fabrication: ... " Paul, I gave an example of how someone - you or someone else - may make use of a journal. It was a only theoretical example, Paul. Nothing personal was intended. Nothing was meant to be based on hard and fast facts from your personal experience. I could have just as easily said the problem was difficulty forming barre chords. Your's however was a handy example. It was just an example. Other players have the same problems you are experiencing. I gave an example of how they might use a journal to solve the problem. "I mean seriously where do you get this from: ... " Seriously? You're not the only student out there who is using an instructor. Paul, you are getting yourself worked up over this when I am only giving examples of the value a journal may have to a student. Nothing was meant as a personal attack. As to the surgeon, the question can be rephrased to ask, which surgeon is the more likely to have the best success rate? One who keeps track of their successes and their mistakes and the causes for those mistakes? One who learns from experience as they see it objectively presented? Or, the one who just flies by the seat of their pants because they think they got this? I don't want the surgeon who just laughs and hopes his problems - a dead patient - will just go away. (Just an example, Paul.) I know which one I would guess has more successful results. But anyone should be able to understand one tool alone does not guarantee perfection. You are free to choose whichever you wish, how ever you wish. Good luck with that. You have obviously convinced yourself of the idea journals are of no use to you. Fine, what we are sure of tends to determine our results. If you are convinced "this" song is within your level of skills, then you'll most likely have better success than if you decide it is too hard and don't try at all. It doesn't mean you'll succeed at playing above your pay grade. It simply means, what you firmly believe is within your capacity to succeed determines how much you succeed. That too is not just my opinion. It is not my point to try to change anyone's beliefs, just to give suggestions as to how they might proceed if they change. But, in any case, you are not every other player and others may find a journal to be more helpful. Not everything I write is strictly about you, Paul. I was asked first about the practicality of crowd funding a hardcover journal. I responded. Next, the question was posed, "What is keeping a journal supposed to accomplish?" I responded. I tried to explain the potential value of a journal while also saying I didn't expect most student guitarists to make the effort. If you've made what you feel is a fair chance effort at working with a journal and you didn't find any success, then you may not be someone who wants to keep a journal. That doesn't mean others won't benefit from a journal. As I have said several times, it is not just my opinion that a journal can improve the success rate of practice sessions. Why it might, or might not, is what I've tried to explain. I'm not making things up, Paul and I have no control over what anyone else does or thinks. I am simply responding to questions asked on this forum. Good luck with your playing. Maybe, ask your instructor about these issues.