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    Nylon strings

    Do the top 3 nylon strings on a nylon guitar age and need changing like the steel ones do? I'm thinking of buying Elixir coated for the metal ones because can't find coated ones in a nylon set. Is there a steel (Elixir) coated set the same size as the sera nylon bottom strings? I just inherited a nylon guitar and hate changing strings.
  2. rickyc

    Nylon strings

    Rocker - thanks for the reply. I know the nylon ones don't corrode but I wondered if they went "dead". I was wondering if I could buy a set of coated steel strings the same size as the metal ones in a nylon pack and so wouldn't have to change either so often. I have too take it to the local shop to get them put-on and that gets expensive:-)
  3. I've got a THR5A (acoustic) and haven't turned on my Fender DeLuxe Reverb since - works for both nylon and Strat - makes it sing!
  4. rickyc

    Mini-lesson for beginners (chord comping)

    I want to come back to this
  5. Easy to say, hard to do for this old timer new player:-)
  6. rickyc

    Am Blues Rock Backing Track

    Why did it disappear?
  7. rickyc

    simple 2 chord backin track

    Where did the backing tracks go?
  8. I couldn't get any to play. Any help?