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    Music, Guitar, Scuba Diving, Motorcycling...

About Me

A&P mechanic, Pilot and mechanic instructor for the Piper Malibu/Mirages since 1991 before returning to school to become an educator in 2001.  Dual certified Special Ed & Social Studies 6-12 educator since 2001 in CA and PA.  Motorcycle Safety Coach for the state of PA since 2004.  Scuba Certified since 2010.  

Played acoustic guitar since 1990 and played bass in several bands from 2004-2008.  Wife bought me an Ibanez AM93AYS for 2011 Christmas and is allowing me to pursue my passion of playing leads in a band.  So, I'm looking for a good instructor to teach me.  Do you know of anyone?  ;-)

Married for 19 years with two wonderful teenager (14yr old daughter and 16yr old son).  Just bought son a very nice Ibanez 5-string bass guitar and he's using my 1/2 stack bass amp for gigging with the local church.