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  1. Well guys, it's been a while now and I have to say that I am still taking lessons, not going as fast as I wished but I am getting to where I can play some songs all the way through! Learned some finger picking and now I am getting into slide playing... and as Paul Harvey used to say ... "And now the rest of the story!" I just ordered a new Gold Tone resonator guitar! You see, I just retired from my day job and I am a full time Custom Bamboo Flyrod maker! (been doing this since 1991!) this gives me more time with my wife, guitars and building flyrods! I am pretty excited about the whole thing!

    Well that's the update!

    Still alive and kickin'


  2. Well guys a while back I posted that I had bought a Gibson J-45 and was having a blast, well this is an update! I got some bone bridge pins and a bone saddle from Bob Colosi, that is cool, got them installed with no problem, D Addario E16 Phosphoros Bronze strings (12s) Well that wasn,t enough......I bought an American Standard Stratocaster! and a Super Champ XD amp! That's not all, there is a really good deal on a Gibson Les Paul Standard that I have my eye on, Labor Day Sale you know! OK, maybe I need an intervention here! Whadda you think? How did I fund this? Well as a hobby I build Custom Bamboo flyrods and I had several on inventory, so driving home from work friday I got this idea that if Guitar Center could have a Labor Day Sale....so I posted my Labor day sale on the internet, now I have to tell you that I have a pretty good rep for my flyrods and by This morning I had sold 3 flyrods....one more and that Gibson is mine!

    Sorry for the rant but I'm pretty excited....did I tell you guys I am 60 years young? Still haven't grown up :>( My poor wife, how does she put up with me?


  3. Well this is all new to me, in the past I learned a few parts of songs but that was all. So I bought a new acoustic guitar (Gibson J 45) and now I'm on my 6th lesson! Having a blast and I think I am progressing quite well (I'm afraid to ask my instructor how I'm doing!)

  4. Hi all I am a 60 year young man from Longmont, Co. who has always wanted to play the guitar! And yes I misspelled Guitar on my sign in because someone had already taken that name who does know how to spell! Anyway I bought a Gibson J45 and my fingers still hurt after a month of practicing every day! I am taking lessons and having a blast. My wife says she wants to hear me play but I told her she is gonna have to wait for a while! She also said it was OK to pluck down the 2K for the Gibson as long as it gets used and does not collect dust! (slave driver) One last thing is that I build custom Bamboo fly rods and all my friends are giving me grief for not building my own guitar! So.... that will be next, I already have my eye on a kit from Stu Mac.

    Nuff said,