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  1. mset3

    Newbie here!

    Jean Paul, Welcome to the forum! Mike
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    Lessons Learned From The First

    oldstrummer, Good for you and congratulations! It has been about five years since I played in front of a group, It does provide a whole different perspective in playing. I also had an opportunity a couple of years ago to provide the entertainment for a local convention.We had two months to prepare, but the other members didn't think it was important to show up for all the practice sessions. Since I was a member of the association having the convention, I didn't want to look like an amateur in front of my peers so I declined. I wish they would have been more serious about playing. They all backed out at the last minute. The association ended up hiring a DJ. I grew up playing in several bands so I know how you felt. Way to go! Mike
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    AnthemScore, anyone heard of it ?

    El Salto, MuseScore Will read xml files directly. I downloaded a file the other day and was able to print it. Mike
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    Edgar, Welcome to the forum! Mike
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    Bad Muscle Memory

    The quick and easy solution is to slow down, take your time and focus during practice sessions. Muscle memory is built on good techniue so bad habits aren't formed. Mike
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    Hello Everyone!

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    Howdie ya'll

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