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  1. ronnie

    Nylon strings

    oops ! i missed that one , would love to have that one, i had to settle for a cordoba c7 . can't afford the high dollar ones any more back in my band days ,the 60's i played a 61 strat and a gibson 335 , i sure wish i had kept them Ronnie
  2. ronnie

    Nylon strings

    what ! no nylon string guitars ?? just kidding, very nice collection Ronnie
  3. ronnie

    string gauge

  4. ronnie

    string gauge

    tone in your hands , 🙄
  5. ronnie

    string gauge

    thanks Rockerbob, an answer that is informative. 👍 Ronnie
  6. ronnie

    string gauge

  7. ronnie

    string gauge

    what gauge strings do you use ? what would you use on ,say a gibson 335 to get a good jazz tone or an acoustic for general good sound ? thanks , Ronnie
  8. ronnie

    finding chords in a song

  9. ok im not a beginner i have been playing many years , country, blues etc, i do not read music. I've started playing around with jazz ( old standards , not deep jazz and also playing some bossa nova . now my question . playing 2 5 1 chords i know how to find the three chord progression, but how to find more chords that might been in a particular song? i hope iv made sense in this question Ronnie
  10. welcome young man , i have kids older than your , and i still love playing my guitars Ronnie
  11. ronnie

    Hello Everyone

    welcome to the group , I'm an old man too LOL Ronnie
  12. ronnie

    im back

    i check in most every morning but don't post a lot, i guess i should tho because it does seem quiet sometimes , Ronnie
  13. love it ! slow and peaceful Ronnie
  14. ronnie


    great song, i have been working on that one. i have been playing for a long time , but just recently took up the classical nylon string and finger style . i have learned the song "romanza but my finger style needs lots of practice after years of playing with pick Ronnie