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    This post, your post, is a new post. You already know what you think you don't know.
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    Only had one year of it in HS. The nun who taught the class was raised a Martian.
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    I don't see why, just use the specs Squier provides. There's some hotshots who can give you tweaks but for now just a set up is all you need. Then play for awhile and determine what else needs to be done.
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    To the above post: should say "not only with the guitar pick, but fingerstyle picking also , and with a paint brush. Maybe with a pencil, not sure since the picture of the raccoons he showed me long ago may have been done in pencil. sorry for the error in typing the above post
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    Hi Todd Your father and I would talk on skype years ago and since I lived in the Quad Cities (living in Japan here for a long time) we chatted often. I asked your father if he would teach me "Wildwood Flower" , well he hadn't played it in a many days, but after a few minutes he got it down, he was a genius not with the guitar pick, but with a paint brush. I remember he did the raccoons. When we use to go on skype he would always be truck'n away on a candy lollie pop. He told me if my memory serves me well, did he have a Harley with the sidecar. I'm quite sure he told me. I know Rockerbob wasn't aware of it because he too was really close to your dad. He is missed dearly by all of us old timers here on the forum. His help and his encouragement when a long way with us members here. I never did get back to the States to visit you dad's shop and do a little jam'n with your dad playing those 2 new guitars he bought in Nashville.