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  2. windsong

    Hello everyone!

    Hi there and welcome to the site and forum
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  4. mset3

    Improvisation question

    MisterLutherMan, The reason the Gm Pentatonic works over a C7 dominant chord is because they have several notes in common. C7 Chord: C - E - G - Bb Gm Pentatonic: G - Bb - C - D - F As you can see the Gm Pentatonic has the G - Bb and C in common with the C7 Chord. Now take a look at the D and F notes in the Gm Pentatonic. They are also contained within an C dominant extended chord. The D is the 9th and the F is the 11th within the C dominant extended chord. C7 Chord: C - E - G - Bb C9 chord: C - E - G - Bb - D C11 Chord: C - E - G - Bb - F The notes in the Gm Pentatonic are contained within these three C Dominant chords. Therefore, it will work over a C7 chord. Even though it is a plain C7 chord, the 9th and 11th extensions of the chord will bring out addition color of the chord. I hope this helps. Mike
  5. MisterLutherMan

    Blindfold Improvisation

    Nice playing man Watching musicians move when playing is far more engaging, even just a simple rocking. Its interesting; I feel more connected to the musician playing when I'm watching him move. Thats a very cool concept also. I will have to try this. I've done it before, though have ended up with irregular rhythms and very dissonant melodies, as I tried to go as weird as possible, or I stopped because I was afraid of going further.
  6. MisterLutherMan

    Improvisation question

    Hi there, I was watching this video on Reddit, and I am confused as to why he is playing a G minor pentatonic scale over a C7 chord. Can someone help me out? How does the G minor scale relate to the C7 chord? The video went through some explanations, but I didn't get them so well. Here is the video:
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  8. Guitar Covers

    Music from mystic iron mines

    very nice!
  9. Great cover dude! But.. You have no tags trending on youtube, so you wont get a lot of views. If you need help or tips, just ask
  10. Guitar Covers

    Kataware Doki from Kimi no na wa

    Sounds really nice! If you need any help into getting more views for your video, im here to help. I see 2/4 tags of you are trending: katawari doki guitar cover #20 and katawari doki guitar #13.
  11. mset3

    Hello everyone!

    Theo, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  12. Guitar Covers

    Hello everyone!

    Hey guys, I've recently stumbled on this forum and I decided to make an account so I could participate I'm a 19 year old student from the Netherlands who mainly plays acoustic/western guitar. I have made a Youtube account with which I make videos of me playing guitar. This is the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_DruPBPRG-SdF-AQIqvw9g Since im studying International business and languages, my study also focuses on online marketing (also youtube marketing) So, Im trying out some SEO methods on my videos to get them up in the Youtube Algorithm. Ive discovered that videos with ''easy to play tabs'' are doing best for views, so hence why I made this video to see whether it would work or not. This video has 11 ranked tags in 24 hours, so it is kind of working. So... If anyone else has a youtube channel here and has some questions about SEO, im glad to help! Im looking forward to participating in this forum 😁 - Theo
  13. Marijke

    Kumika Acoustic Guitar

    I have bought a guitar Kumika in 1976. Model 577. It does have a great sound.
  14. mattz196


  15. Gee they're big ,
  16. I stumbled on this post on Reddit, and the exercise no.3 in it is a great one to do for ear training. I know what the author means in that you can just play the scale and not hear the sound of it, those colours that separate it from a major or minor scale, as the modes and those two scales are closely related. https://www.unlocktheguitar.net/blog/how-to-really-hear-the-modes
  17. paul7926


    Hello and welcome
  18. oldstrummer


    Hi Carl, Welcome to the forums! I don't know any of the artists you mention (I'm not into metal), but I think you'll find a lot of good information here.
  19. Hey! Here is little trip I made to old iron mines in Helsinki. The music is played with Bulgarian tamboura that is relative for mandolin and other plucked instruments like guitar. There is some interesting stories included the history of these mines. Like that there is rumours where maybe some one were killed and sinked into one of those pits. You can see more in the video. I hope you like it! Kindest, Mikko
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HfpV-KWy7w
  21. Hi everyone I started a new YouTube channel all my videos are on YouTube so This video is babymetal been having mischief problems around guitar and I tried to break my own wrist one damaged guitar which fixed supernaturally so here it is https://youtu.be/1HfpV-KWy7w
  22. carol m


    Hi Carl, welcome. My fav guitar is a Tanglewood steel string. TW145ASC I got on ebay.
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