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The Guitar Chord Slide Rule

Slide Rule by Kirk Lorange

Guitar Slide Rule
Guitar Slide Rule Download
This neat little folded-sleeve-with-insert affair is an adaptation of the slide rule that comes with PlaneTalk - The Truly Totally Different Way of Seeing the Guitar Fretboard.

Download the PDF, print it all out, cut the windows out, fold it together and voilà ... a handy chord finder showing the positions of all the main barre chord shapes. Not only will it help you to position the various shapes on the fretboard, but just by watching, will teach you a huge lesson on how the guitar works.

It comes with 12 inserts showing the main flavors of the A and E form barre chords:

Major — minor — major7th — minor 7th — Dominant 7th — sus4

Tips for putting it together:

• In the printer settings, you may need to tick the "Fit to printable size" setting. It should fit US Paper size and A4 size however.
• If you have heavier paper, use it, but normal printing paper will do.
• Rather than print the 12 inserts separately, print the sets of two and fold the page down the middle so that you wind up with one fretboard image on each side. You can tape the edge with sticky tape. That will make the inserts stiffer and easier to insert into the sleeve.
• Use a box-cutter or similar knife to cut the windows out. Remember to remove the narrow slot behind the nut so you can see any open string notes.
• Watch your fingers!
• If you mess anything up, just print it out again and give it another try.