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Slide Guitar Lessons by Kirk Lorange

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Amazing Grace Slide Lesson

Amazing Grace - A Beginners Slide Lesson
Here's my Amazing Grace Slide Guitar Lesson for those of you just starting out. Personally, I find slide guitar the most challenging and rewarding of all playing styles. It ain't easy but in this lesson I try to break it down for you. Give it a go, once you get a feel for it, you'll never want to stop sliding.


Nicotine Blues - A Slide Lesson reminiscent of Ry Cooder's "Fool for a Cigarette".
Here's a Slide Guitar Lesson I put together that I called Nicotine Blues because it reminded me of Ry Cooder's "Fool for a Cigarette". This is in dropped D, so lower that bass string by a whole tone before you get started. This will be a good one to refine all the various techniques used in this style of slide guitar.

A 12 Bar Blues Slide Guitar Lesson
Here's a pretty standard sounding 12 bar blues progression in the key of D and it's a perfect one to add some slide to. I've kept it nice and simple for Slide. (nothing is really all that simple once you slip that slide over your pinkie). The progression is as straight forward as they come for the 12 bar blues format.

People Get Ready - A Slide Lesson
I uploaded a slide guitar version of this great Curtis Mayfield tune to YouTube a few years ago and I've had many requests for a lesson ever since, so for anyone who asked, here it is. It's in the key of D and I'm in Dropped D tuning again. The progression is pure major key, all related chords, so nothing tricky going on there. But this lesson is all about slide and playing single line melody and it's a good one as I managed to include just about every technique I could think of...

I'm a Man - A Slide Riff
Here's a fairly straight forward slide in Dropped D tuning riff reminiscent of Muddy Water's "I'm a man". I'm sure you'll hear that's it's a familiar sounding blues sound. This one takes full advantage of the three bass strings in Dropped D. They are tuned to what we call a 'power chord', namely two roots and a fifth, so no third to give it a major/minor quality.

Sliding Coutry Blues Riff

A Sliding Country Blues Riff.
Here is the first of a few lessons I'm going to do on this Dropped D slide figure, motif, theme …whatever you want to call it. It's something that happens easily in the key of D and it's a lot of fun to play and a very handy thing to know when looking for a neat rhythm part in D. It's a variation of a very familiar blues-rock sound.

A Country Slide Lick with a Chicken Pickin' Vibe.
This one is in Dropped D Tuning, so the first thing to do is lower that bass string down a whole tone from E to D. Second thing to do is grab your slide and slip it over the pinkie. This lick has a country ‘chicken pickin’ vibe to it, a fun one to play as it’s a blend of normal playing and slide playing.

Slide Lick

A Slide Lick
This particular lick is probably way to complex if you've never tried slide before, but you can take any small element of it and work on that for a while, even if it's just getting one slide note sounding good it'll be worthwhile.

Melodic Improvisation Lesson with Slide
Don't let the slide throw you, you can play this line without it if you want. This is actually my favorite way of playing guitar: standard tuning with a slide on my pinky. My fretboard layout is the same as ever so I don't need to re-map anything but if I want to throw in a bit of zing, I can grab notes with the slide. If you're interested in this way of playing I have a DVD available that shows you everything I know about the technique.

Another Melodic Improvisation Lesson with Slide
This is another Slide Lesson in my Melodic Improv series. I've included a backing track with this one so you can have a go at sliding along to the backing track.

Faraway Girl

Faraway Girl - A Picking and Sliding Lesson
This one is a double barrelled lesson. It started out simply as a finger picking lesson, then I added some slide and then decided to turn the slide part into a lesson too as I always get requests to TAB the improvisations I often do at the end of these lessons. So you get both this time 'round. You can learn the picking part or the slide part or both.

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