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Blues lick in E à la Jimi Hendrix

Guitar Lick by Kirk Lorange

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The Lick explained

Here’s a good one, reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix. Pretty easy to execute, you just need to let those fingers dance. Like all good, strong lines, it’s based around chord tones, in this case for an E7 chord. Those tones are the 1 (root), 3 (third), 5 (fifth) and b7 (flat seven, or seventh). The 3 in a major key blues can be seen as a sort of cross between the minor 3 (b3) and major 3. You shouldn’t really linger on either, and you can approach the 3 from below, by sliding in from the b3. The only non chord tone in this line is that 4, (which is in fact really another chord tone of a momentary A chord that appears for that one beat. It’s the 1 — the root–of A. So, seen from that angle, they’re all chord tones.)

In case you’re having trouble following the animated fretboard in the video, the tab and notation are below.

PS: The 'trick' to being able to see the fretboard as one long, ever-changing chord is the subject of my book/dvd/slide-rule package PlaneTalk. To find out more, click here.


Guitar Lick by Kirk Lorange

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