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Everybody Loves Raymond - A Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson.

Guitar Lesson by Kirk Lorange

Know your fretboard
For this lesson, I will now be charging a small fee of US $3.95 for the Printable PDF of the TAB/Notation. Click here to order it.

The Lesson explained

I've been listening to this great little piece of music for many years now, whistling along with it, mentally tracking the changes, always thinking that I should sit down and plot it out on the fretboard. I finally did just that a couple of weeks ago and turned it into a lesson yesterday. It's such a catchy little ditty, written by drummer Rick Marotta.

The original is in the key of C, I did mine in G and I tune to dropped D so I could get that low root for the V chord. The progression is a classic I - VI - II - V. Notice the upper case for all of those chords. The 'six' and 'two' chords are normally minor in the key of G; they have been 'dominant majorized' (my awkward term), so they become V chords of the next in line ... in other words the E7 is a V chord for the A7, which in turn is a V chord for the D7, which is the V chord of the root chord, G. A bunch of mini key changes is one way of looking at it, some might call it the circle of fifths ... whatever, it's very cool and it works a treat.

There are a couple of tricky little bits to this, like at bar 3 where you need to get that F bass note inserted under the melody line -- gotta be quick -- then there's the twiddly bit at bar 7 -- that's a hammer-on followed by a pull-off followed by another hammer-on followed by another pull-off -- then there's the quirky bit at bar 9, where you need to slide the bass note up a semitone while playing the melody.

Practice makes Perfect!

That twiddly bit reappears at the end. 

I had finished videoing when I realized I had forgotten to add the two little tags for the ending, so I edited them into the main part. The first one is probably not exactly what you hear on the TV, I think I added a note or two.

This one is a LOT of fun to play once you get it down, so persevere until you do. I always tell you to tell your fingers who's boss and I had to tell myself the same thing -- frequently -- when putting this together. We are indeed the boss of our fingers and we can tell them what to do. They will eventually obey, trust me.

Until next time!

For this lesson, I will now be charging a small fee of US $3.95 for the Printable PDF of the TAB/Notation. Click here to order it.

Guitar Lesson by Kirk Lorange

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