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Fingerpicking 101 - A Close Look at Fingerpicking.

Guitar Lesson by Kirk Lorange
Difficulty Rating: Beginner

Brass guitar slides

The lesson explained.

The video above shows the breakdown of a very common finger picking pattern. Once you get your fingers to be able to roll across the strings over one chord, which is more of a 'feel' thing than anything, have a look at the second part of this lesson and see how it applies to a real chord progression.

Guitar Lesson by Kirk Lorange

Kirk LorangeAs well as putting together these fingerstyle guitar lessons, I am also the author of PlaneTalk - The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Package, which teaches a mindset, a way of thinking about music and a way of tracking it all on the guitar fretboard. Yes, there IS a constant down there in the maze of strings and fret wire, a landmark that points to everything at all times. I call it The Easiest Yet Most Powerful Guitar Lesson You Will Ever Learn and many testimonials at my site will back up that rather superlative description. If your goal as a guitar player is to be able to truly PLAY the guitar, not just learn by rote; to be able to invent on the fly, not memorize every note; to be able to see the WHOLE fretboard as friendly, familiar territory, not just the first 5 frets and to do it all without thinking about all those scales and modes, then you should read more here.