KIRK'S PLAIN english music primer

Learn how music works without all the gobbledegook. I use plain English, graphics and video to teach you how music is structured and what it looks like down there on the fretboard.

All about chords

Chords are such a huge part of music that I have dedicated a whole section to them.. I show you where chords come from, what the various flavors sound like, what they look like and where to find them on the fretboard.

playing the guitar

There are countless ways to extract music from a guitar. In this section, I will teach you all about the various techniques, like pull-offs, hammer-ons, slide guitar, how to use a capo, how to read TAB, bending, muting, vibrato, finger picking, strumming ...

Fingerstyle lessons

This is for the 'beyonds', those who have mastered the basics and love fingerstyle guitar

I love composing my own fingerstlye instrumentals and I also love arranging well known pieces from every era. In these video lessons, I cover the Blues, Bossa Nova, Country, Americana, Jazz ... you name it, I've played it. There's enough here to keep you busy for a lifetime and more arriving every week.


the gfb&b discussion forum has been running since 2000. With over 120,000 members and a quarter of a million posts, there is very little about playing the guitar that hasn't been discussed at length. All you need to do is search or, if it's not there, ask.