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Is something wrong with my guitar? yamaha fg700s

30 March 2012 - 01:28 AM

Not sure if this is normal but it doesn't seem normal.

Guitar is about a week old, I bought it new. I did not notice this till about today, but when I strum the high E open and mute it, I keep hearing a hummmmmmmmm. Its quite loud. And if I mute the a and d string then the humming stops. It seems that some sort of a resonance causes the two strings (A & D ) to humm...

If I loosen the low E, A, & D and then strum the E note open on 1st string there is no humming.

I don't think its normal. Why are 4th and 5th strings humming?

Hey! I'm a New Guy too.

29 March 2012 - 05:47 PM

Hey Everyone, Moe here. I'm 28, to get a idea when I talk about things of the past.

Many a moons ago (about 10 Years) I got a classical acoustic. I don't know why but I never really started it or invested much time. I was young and kept my self occupied otherwise.

About a couple of weeks ago I got the urge to play. I picked up a Yamaha FG700s and have been at it for about a week with the time I get after work. I'd say I've progressed. Got the basics down, getting my fingers adjusted etc.

So about a week in, I've learned/memorized the following cords and I normally don't have a problem forming them correctly (Switching is another story for now). C D E G A Dm D7 Em E7 G7 C7 B7

I can form the above right away and correctly (without any buzzing).

I could use help on transitioning, switching, progressing etc. Guides in this area would be extremely helpful.

I could also use help on my right hand...... strumming/rhythm is often off. Also I forget strumming patterns easily. Guides on strumming patterns would help!

I'm starting to form callous on my tips.... but my index finger on my left fretting hand is KILLING ME. especially if I bend in towards the palm. this is at all hours of the day, sharp pain right at the center joint. I practice about 2 hours a day. My guess is I did the damage my first couple of days when I was putting excessive pressure on it while holding notes on 1st fret. Remedies?

Lastly, any good easy songs to learn with the above mentioned chords?

I realize I'm only a week in and only gets easier, and look forward to all the advice and lessons on this site.