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Chord changes for Suzanne

03 March 2014 - 06:56 PM

I ran across this Leonard Cohen song in the 1960s, forgot about it, and recently rediscovered it. I do not remember how I played it before, but this is what I found on line:

Suzanne [C]takes you down to her place near the river.
You can [Dm]hear the boats go by,
you can spend the night beside her.
And you [C]know that she's half crazy;
it's why you want to be there.
She [Em]feeds you tea and oranges
that come [F]all the way from China.

Sounds to like I needs fleshing out.......so I inserted a chord [C*], which is
e 0
B 1
G 0
D 4
A 4
E x

Like this:
Suzanne [C]takes you [C*]down to her [C]place near the [C*]river.

I am fingerpicking, so its hard to describe what I am going. Ideas? Suggestions? Anyone know the name of that chord?


SongBook application for Windows, Android, etc

09 December 2012 - 10:24 AM

Sorry if this is a thread on this forum, I wasn't able to figure out how to use the Search funtion here........(slow this morning)
Anyone here use it?

iPad or similar for music stand?

27 April 2012 - 10:28 AM

Couldn't figure out how to search the forum........

I've been using a loose-leaf notebook to keep the lyrics and chords, etc for my songs. I put that on the music stand, but that notebook is getting thick! I'd like to get ride of the music stand and instead clip an iPad, eee Pad, etc. to the mic stand like I've seen a couple of times. Never able to ask the singer about his set up.

Anyway, I have laptops, desktops and netbooks, but none of them give me what I need: something compact to eliminate the music stand and that are like a "pad".

All I really need is a pad type device that allows me to display text/word documents/pdf files. I can make what I have now on the PC into any of those formats. I do what the pad to display in both a horizontal and vertical format, which I'm guessing all do. I really don't need a keyboard even, as long as I can somehow load the text/Doc/PDFs onto it. Of course, I am assuming that the pad thing has a touch screen so I can display the index of my songs, touch the one I want, maybe increase the font size, etc, etc. It would be nice to also run band-in-a-box on it, but I suspect that's a bit much! <g>

I'm asking for suggestions is you have such a set up. I have seen a friend's eee-Pad (asus?), and it appears to be good, but I know there are other things.

How to decipher Takamine's model letter codes?

11 March 2012 - 09:57 AM

I recently went on a hunt to find a guitar that had a neck similar to my Takamine EF340SCGN. Turns out that's not that easy to do......for whatever reason I find playing this guitar the easiest and most comfortable for me. I've tried many other Taks, Martins, Taylors and not found what I wanted until recently (below).

I know the "S" in the Tak model indicates "solid wood", but I'm not sure that means the entire guitar, or just the top. I suspect the former. The "EF" I think means an acoustic-electric in the "F" type guitar, as opposed to an EG which would be an electric in the "G" type guitar. But the other numbers and letters are a mystery to me.

I tried Takamine's home page, but while there is a good description of many guitars there, I was never able to determine what it is about the EF340SCGN that makes its neck so great for me. That model doesn't have the detailed specs that other guitar do for some reason, and none talk about neck profile. I know it's much more involved that just the nut width, it must have something to do with the neck profile around the nut to fret 5 or so. I don't use frets much below that.....I have not mastered barre chords, and not sure I ever will. Old hands y'know.

Any ideas what those letters mean?

BTW, I tried a bunch of guitars that would play as well, for me, as the Takamine EF340SCGN...even bought a 10 year old Taylor 312ce....and returned it two days later. After playing it and the Tak, it was apparent the Taylor didn't work for me. I am talking only what I call playability.....not the sound. So I returned and swapped the Taylor for a Martin DCPA4....I can play it as comfortably as the Tak, so I am a happy camper! That's how I judge a guitar; how it works for ME. The sound is really secondary up to a limit. I have really not noticed too much difference in sound with guitar costing over $400 or so.

D'Addario EXP26 compared to MSP7100 for Martin?

11 March 2012 - 09:33 AM

I have a Takamine EF340SSCGN. Takamine recommends D'Addario EXP16 light gauge for their 6 string guitars. However, I have been using D'addario EXP26 Light PB COATED strings as I think they last a little longer but are otherwise identical to the Tak recommended EXP16 strings. I pay about $36 for a 3 pack of them. I change strings probably every 2-3 month as I have three guitars so each one is not used too much.

I recently bought a Martin DCPA4 guitar. Martin recomends MSP7100 light PB strings for it. They are a bit more expensive, but they (accoring to Martin) are a little warmer and increase the Marin "punch" with the light strings. Probably hype, but the Martin does sound nice....but so does the Tak. I could get a Martin MSP7100 3-pack for $40.

Anyway, does anyone have similar concerns with two somewhat different guitars? I know I can just slap a set of D'Adarrios on the Martin when I next change strings, but I have to admit -I- could probably not tell the difference! I'm hoping someone here with more experience and a better ear can provide some insight. I don't mind having two sets of strings in the house for the two guitars, but wonder if I'm just unceccesarily comlicating my life. <g>