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Buying gear in Canada

27 August 2008 - 05:50 AM

Hi All

My partner now works one week a month in Toronto (Burlington) and there are a few bits of gear I am after to complete my rig. The prices are cheaper in Canada but more expensive than the States from what I have found. Still both are much cheaper than the prices in Ireland.

Anyway I am trying to find the cheapest way of buying gear. Would buying from Canada be cheaper than buying from the states and getting it delivered to Canada?

Building a Music studo

18 July 2008 - 12:07 PM

Hey All

I am about to embark on building my own home and my g/f is going to allow me to build a music studio in the garden. There are a number of restrictions namely that it will be used for storage and the utility room with washing machines in while we live on the site in a mobile home for the duration of the main build. So It will be 12 months until I get my studio.

Anyway I am going to build it my self so I am after any ideas of what I should look at for the design stage. The building can only be 5m by 5m so its not huge. I am wondering do I have a high celling with a 45 degree roof or can I get away with a low celling and a flat roof.

Interested in the building material as well, do I use concrete block, brick or wood. I would rather a solid construction for sound proofing so I am leaning towards the blocks, I know there are sound proofed blocks on the market but I am not sure if would kill the acoustics of the room. I would use the correct sound damping in the room with heavy curtains and the shaped walls.

How about the floor as well, would I just concrete it or would I use a hardcore base with a wood floor on top.

Electrics and lights, any advice here would be appreciated.

Lastly any further advice that you may would be great, I suppose my goal would be to achieve somewhere for the lads to jam as well as a drum and acoustic booths for studio style recording mind you I think i maybe asking too much for both.

Probably the best every rhythm trainer...ever

11 July 2008 - 06:52 AM

I have been debating in my own head for few minutes now about where I would post this, should it be chit chat off topic or even guitar gear. Will this thread be cancelled or will I be put down for what I am writing?

Ok let me tell you a small story I have been stuck playing a few songs recently and no matter who I jammed with or tabs I used I could not play it properly. A couple of the songs are Nirvana In Bloom and creep to name just 2 of a large list of songs I would like to play. For me I have a real problem getting the right hand rhythm to play a song, it often takes longer than learning the fingering! Ok to keep it short I went around a friends house for a few drinks one night and he pulled out his sons Xbox and then this weird looking drum set. It looked kind of like a set of drums, then he threw me a mini plastic Fender Strat and told me to play what was on the screen. Before long I was playing away and both the Nirvana and Radiohead song came on. Basically you follow coloured tabs down a fretboard and strum with your right hand and hold the buttons in with your left to simulate chords and notes. We had a blast, I managed to be able to play on the hard level before long and it is surprisingly accurate using the right hand to playing a real guitar.

I went home and tried playing the rhythm part of the songs on a real guitar and guess what...... I nailed it!!!!

Ok next day off to the shop buy my own rockband gear for my xbox, and before long I jamming away to songs on a plastic Fender and following with my real Fender. It was mad! I could then attempt songs I never played before and I could find the rhythm in no time. Seriously, I can learn the basics of a song in at least half the time than just picking up my guitar and finding the tab.

Next up drums, always wanted to learn drums and now I can lay a fairly decent drum beat. I have wired up the xbox drum set to garageband and I now have a simple electronic drum set that I can mess around with.

I guess I am trying to say this game is a real tool to learning rhythm , it most certainly works for me and I wish this was out a few years ago when I was first learning guitar.

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12 June 2008 - 06:29 AM

Hey All

Here is a piece I completed a month or so a go, its an instrumental about my emotional state at the time. I am not sure how I class this as a whole its part ambiance, rock, acoustic with some other influences thrown in for good measure.

Carefull at about 1:22 into the piece I have what can only be described as a mood swing :guitarguy:

I Used to be a Rock Star

20 April 2008 - 02:33 PM

Chris aka Starsailor posted these lyrics


I thought I would have a go, it was great fun!