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In Topic: Faith eclipse series ....... Any good ?

29 June 2014 - 04:39 AM

The cedar top sound is only a subtle difference, so you will still love your spruce top - most people play spruce top and the small difference is only a personal preference that many people would not notice.

I only realised there was a difference when I upgraded my first el-cheapo ebay guitar to my first 'proper' guitar - the one I described in my earlier post of going to the store and trying them all out. I picked the one I picked mostly on sound, and I found out later it had a cedar top - I had no idea at the time, but now I have learned to hear the difference and I prefer the cedar top.

You might listen to one in the future after you get used to the sound of your Faith beauty, but only for interest sake - a good guitar always has good tone, no matter what any subtle differences they may have. Now you have your new guitar you will love it, and getting to know it is a fantastic experience - I promise!

In Topic: Faith eclipse series ....... Any good ?

29 June 2014 - 03:18 AM

Don't worry about Cedar top vs Spruce top - you can get a cedar top for the next one - unless you go for an electric next, and then a cedar top after that. Are you going to have a few lessons to get you started? And yes, a guitar is a beautiful work of art.

I predict:
Your fingers will hurt at the beginning.
You will find that the strings are too close together and the frets are too far apart.
Your small hands will suddenly have fat fingers attached - and your fingers will refuse to do what you tell them to do.
Alzheimers will be delayed by several years.
You will always have something to do in those wasted minutes between doing 'proper' stuff - or during the ads on TV.
Oh yes, a guitar is a chick magnet...... :)

In Topic: Faith eclipse series ....... Any good ?

28 June 2014 - 07:13 PM

Well done Totsie, now the fun begins! :clap:

In Topic: Faith eclipse series ....... Any good ?

27 June 2014 - 10:46 PM

I personally wouldn't care if it was a guitar on display in the shop or a 'fresh one' if I already liked the shop floor one - as long as it had no dings or scratches. If you go for one 'out of the backroom' make sure you play it yourself before committing to buying it - guitars are all individual - different pieces/cuts of wood etc, and some of the better ones are handmade in the 'factory' as well. Therefore a different guitar of the same brand may have subtle differences of sound, set up etc.

Did you listen to a cedar top yet????

In Topic: Faith eclipse series ....... Any good ?

27 June 2014 - 09:14 PM

Hi Totsie, I see that Faith Saturns come in dreadnaught size (bigger and louder) or CE size - usually smaller - if CE stands for Concert Edition that is. You should check this when you go to see the Faith guitar.

Have you listened to a cedar top guitar yet? If so, what did you think of the sound? Comparing cedar top and spruce top side by side gives an idea of the difference in tone.

I have not heard a Faith guitar in real life - or a real life Taylor for that matter either. :)

Edit: Oops, I see I was looking at the Natural Saturn not the Eclipse Saturn. I think Faith use the CE label to mean only cutaway, so I think your Eclipse Saturn would be a dreadnaught cutaway - it looks like there is no Eclipse Saturn that is not cutaway - cutaway is good for good access for fingers on the frets nearest to the sound hole, but not essential.

A concert size guitar is smaller than a dreadnaught, and a parlor size is smaller than a concert. A jumbo is the biggest, and bigger than a dreadnaught. This refers to the size and thickness of the guitar body, not the neck.

Necks do have different widths and also radii, and also different shape in cross-section dimensions (oval, flatter oval, c-shape, d-shape etc) and that makes a difference for the feel of the neck in your hand. The body size affects how the guitar feels when you hold it against your body/on your knee, to play.

A professional setup should cost around $30 - $40 Australian and includes the cost of a new set of strings - i.e. not much. Also, if you are interested in a guitar from a store you can haggle for a free setup within 3 months - that's the bribe most stores offer you in Aus if you actually buy the guitar.

The advantage of that is that you can try out your guitar with its factory setup, and if you want it changed in some way (usually lowering the action (string height) for ease of playing but which may be already OK when it leaves the factory), you can go back to the store within 3 months for the free setup once you know what you want.

Also....haggle for a free guitar case - which should work if you actually buy a guitar from them - they probably won't toss in a hard case (unless the guitar comes with its own) but you should be able to get a free soft case with handle for transporting etc - they only cost about $20-$30 max for a basic one.

And why not try for a set of spare strings while you are at it - they do want to sell you a guitar after all - you have leverage - see what you can get (tell them I sent you :)). Most new guitars come with size 12 strings which might be a bit thick for a real beginner - harder on the fingers which will start hurting after one day of messing about for an hour to two - until you get finger tip callouses built up gradually over two or 3 weeks. Size 12's are harder to press down to get clean notes for beginners than thinner strings such as 10's or 11's, but better tone (in theory) - but if the note does not ring out clearly, you won't have any tone to worry about.

Try to get a free set of 10's (or 11's or even 9's) and also if/when you get a professional setup, they will set it up with new strings and you can choose the thickness of what they put on.