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31 May 2008 - 02:11 PM

Phew, it's been a while since I browsed this site.

A few things that not everybody does but should when barring... You want to make sure that your finger is as close to the metal of the fret as possible. If you're way near the back of the fret space, you've got an entire wedge of air where your string can vibrate and make bad tone. Butting your index finger up against it will help to eliminate buzz.

Another thing to watch out for is proper hand posture. Your thumb should be on the exact opposite side of the guitar neck from where you're fretting. If you pick up a sheet of paper and hold it flat in your hand, you'll see a pretty good image of what holding the guitar neck should be like. Holding the guitar in a more personal way may seem to make it easier, but it will limit your fingers' range, block important strings, and rob you of most of the power you can get from your fingers.

As for improving your individual finger strengths, this is a cool anchoring exercise I used to get myself into shipshape. Bar with your index finger and arpeggiate the following chord on top of it, but the key is NOT to move your fingers at all until they are needed on other strings. It will test your flexibility and let you know about any flaws in your barring technique.


Depending on the rhythm you use to approach this, this can be either an AMin11 or AMin9 chord. Try it in eighths, triplets, and sixteenths and hear the difference