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Another Senior Learning To Play

17 February 2012 - 07:55 PM

This is my first post in any forum that I remember. So to introduce myself, a little history etc. My initials are T W, thus the tedub in the ID. I am 64 at the moment. Started my music involvement way back in the 4th grade with violin. Then did the concert band thing through from Jr. High through 2 years in college. No, music was not my major, just needed the scholorships. And also, no guitar was not my instrument, it was Bassoon.

After a stint in the military, I bought a Yamaha classical guitar in the late '70s, along with some instruction books. I was making progress then career got in the way. About a year ago, my oldest daughter got me interested in picking up the hobby again. So for the last 8 or 9 months, I have been working with some of the free lessons on the web. I was amazed at the amount of instruction available, some good some not so good. To make this long post a little shorter, I have progressed to what I would rate and advanced beginner or a beginning intermediate.

My goals in this endeavor is fun. I enjoy playing. I like making music. I am aiming at some level of proficiency with finger style playing. I like the various blues styles.

I was reading some of the posts and could relate to most of the new players. I agree with the comments that you are never too old. I now have my dad interested. He is 88. Anyway, I am enjoying the comments in this forum and I am enjoying my practice time. Before long I hope to be able to play for family and friends without embarrassing myself.

Thanks for the opportunity to read of others experiences and to learn from them.

Terry (tedub64)