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Questions about playing and quality of the guitar

03 January 2012 - 09:46 PM

Hi everyone,

I hope this is in the right spot, its kinda a gear and playing topic. I have been playing for a couple months now and my chord switching is slowly getting better (though not smooth). I have a cheap Fender Starcaster acoustic that I bought because it was the only guitar that I can afford. I have read all types of things about why not to buy a cheap guitar such as they don't stay tuned, they're hard to play, they don't sound good, etc.... . I can agree with some of those statements, when I first brought it home I would have to say that it was not very playable because the action was so high, but I took it to a guitar shop that lowered it for really cheap. I do think that it does sound good, but it doesn't stay tuned for very long. So, you can see that I have mixed thoughts about the overall quality of my guitar which is making me wonder several things.

Though I know that my chord switching is far from perfect I am landing on the right strings the majority of the time, but unless I slowly place my fingers as close to the frets as possible I can't get all the strings of the chord to ring. How perfect do you have to be when fretting the strings? Is it my poor playing? Or is it a cheap unplayable guitar? I can tell when my fingers are out of place or touching a string that they shouldn't as the sound is different or buzzes. When do you know that your guitar is holding you back and not your playing?

Also, I am having some strumming issues that I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. I'm finding it hard to keep a constant good distance from the strings and the pick while strumming a melody. What is a good way to help fix this?