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In Topic: Nick Drake's "Joey" ...........sort of...............

16 October 2013 - 04:27 PM

Dude, it sounds really nice, so why all the disclaimers and self-deprecation???


I am still a beginner


I think I am catching on a little bit so don't expect Van Halen to come out of your speakers


my limited equipment probably doesn't help


That's my excuse and I 'm sticking with it


As usual there is an automatic disclaimer for any disorientation or vertigo of the listener caused by listening to this

In Topic: C major chord

10 October 2013 - 05:46 PM


I can't move my fingers into position all at once, I end up doing it one finger at a time which takes too long.
are there any tips/tricks/practice methods that can help me?

I'm not a huge fan of Pebber Brown but I found his technique incredibly useful when I was first trying to learn chords. At around 3:50 in the video he will show you how "grabbing the chord in the air" will allow you to do the changes much faster than "walking" one finger at a time to the next chord.


In Topic: Another Stupid Question---(from the usual source)

10 October 2013 - 10:16 AM

Hey Gasbag,

One of the notions that i have read is that there are 4 stages to learning guitar, and they sounded about right to me , so here they are:

Stage 1: Unconciously Incompetent--this is where you are when you first pick up the guitar. Not only do you not have any skills (incompetent) but you have no real knowledge of what to do (unconscious)

Stage 2: Consciously Incompetent--in this stage, you know what to do (conscious) but do not yet have the skills to do it (incompetent)

Stage 3: Consciously Competent--in this stage you know what to do and have the skills to do it (competent), but you must always be consciously focused on where you are and what is coming next. If you lose that focus, you get lost. This sounds about where you are now.

Stage 4: Unconsciously Competent--in this stage, you have practiced the piece so much that you no longer need to be consciously thinking about where you are--it is so ingrained that you can do it on autopilot. At this point, you are able to shift your focus to your expressivity in your playing as you will play the changes more or less automatically.

Of course as Carol said the secret to all of this is...drum roll please...practice.


In Topic: Real or fake Stratocaster?

13 September 2013 - 03:42 PM


Just keep in mind that the Pacifica you are looking at has an HSS configuration i.e. single coil pickups in the neck and middle position and a humbucker in the bridge rather than the SSS configuration of a regular strat. Some people prefer that because it gives them the option of switching to a humbucker sound (and Fender also offers the HSS option--the so-called "Fat Strat"), but obviously the 4 and 5 switch positions will sound different than an SSS strat.

One amp that you might consider is the Orange 20LDX. It's a solid state 20W amp with built-in effects (reverb, overdrive, chorus. flanger, delay, tremolo, vibrato) and a built in tuner. It's a good little amp that you can pick up on ebay for around $130.

Happy shopping!

In Topic: Real or fake Stratocaster?

11 September 2013 - 04:58 PM

That's not a Fender strat headstock--neither the old one from the 70s nor the current one.

You said the neck was "rebuilt?" I'm guessing that it's (maybe) a Fender body and someone replaced the neck with a stock neck (looks like maybe a Fernandes) and marked it up to look like a strat neck.

FWIW you can pick up a real Fender MIM Strat used on Ebay for around $250.