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Beginner is looking for new guitar - Complications

03 September 2011 - 11:21 PM


Like many others here, I am looking for a new guitar. I have owned a classical guitar (nylon strings) since 2003 and have taught myself to play a little on it, but I haven't gotten too far, yet. It was a very cheap model but served me well. Now, I'm abroad and I would like to try out a steel string guitar as I couldn't bring my guitar from home. I would like to spend about 150$ so I'm not looking for a guitar that will last forever but one that I will enjoy playing from time to time.

Two different issues:

1) I'm still not 100% sure with regard to the body shape. I would either like a dreadnought or a grand concert shape. I'm mainly interested in playing along to vocals and I usually play music in the style of Mumford & Sons, Damien Rice, etc. - so it's some picking but also some strumming. Since I am used to the classical guitar and a woman, I figured that a smaller size might be a good alternative. I like the sound of both shapes but am a little concerned about whether the dreadnought would be too overwhelmingly booming. Do you have any advice for me on this?

2) I have done quite a bit of online research and have narrowed it down to several different guitars. However, I will not have chance to get to any guitar store in person which means I can only rely on what I read and can listen to online. I know, this is a less than ideal situation and I would love to be able to try some guitars before buying them but there is nothing I can do. These are the different ones I've looked at in particular:

Yamaha FG700s
Ibanez SGT120
Ibanez SGT110

Originally, I absolutely fell for the sound of the Ibanez SGT120e-hs. However, it's even further beyond my price limit and I figured that it should be the same or very close to the other two Ibanez but comes with additional electronic features. Is that right?

Also, should your advice for me be to get a grand concert shape guitar. Is there a guitar similar to Yamaha FG700s that comes in the grand concert shape?
Probably right now I'm a little biased to a grand concert shape and would buy whatever promises to offer better sound and overall quality.

I'm hoping that there are some additional things you can point out to me or some advice you can give me to bring me closer to making a decision.

Thank you!