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A Mocking Bird as my first build...

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I finished this build of a MB. It's walnut with some chambering and some purpleheart inlay. The back has a belly cut out unlike most MBs that I have seen. Schaller tuneamatic bridge with custom adjustable string spacing. The tailpiece is walnut that makes full contact with the body; cab bolts with threaded inserts. The volume/tone control knobs are handmade of walnut. The neck is maple/rosewood 22 fret 25 1/2" scale, bolt on via cab bolts and hidden barrel nuts, this gives a much stronger and tighter fit. I'm using GFS Vintage '59 and Fat PAF humbuckers. The finish is 4 coats of hand rubbed Tung oil (which has some poly). This gives the wood a nice lustre without the heavy plastic look.

Overall I'm pleased with the build, being my first on.

Now I have to do some serious practicing to justify owning yet another guitar.:guitardude:




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Great job, MCH - that is a VERY cool-looking axe! I'm with Allthumbs - would love to hear some soundclips! Did you build the body from scratch, or was it a kit?

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It was built from scratch other than the neck which I bought. I don't have enough tools to do a proper neck.

Soundclips? I'm more comfortable playing acoustic. Trying to get the hang of an electric so that I can do some reasonable riffs. Practice and much more practice. LOL

I'm in the process of building another electric and may tackle an acoustic after that.

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