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Top 5 Slide players, then top 50

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sollophonic    0

+1 on Ry Cooder, and not just for his slide playing. I like his stuff that he does without a slide as well, and the stuff he did with Manuel Galban is sublime.

Jerry Douglas. Absolutely my favorite Dobro player.

Cant remember if anyone has mentioned Lowell George?

Some others that are not neccessarily well known, but should be mentioned.

Kent Duchaine. Great acoustic blues player.

And from the UK, someone who has been putting slide and resonator guitars on the map for a long while;- Michael Messer. I havent enough posts to put up links but he has a great website with a superb forum michaelmesser.co.uk.

Oh and another bit of info. As well as Keef, Mick himself is supposed to be a pretty tidy slide guitar player as well.

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belizaire    0

I'm kinda surprised that Ben Harper was only mentioned once...... cause he's a modern slide player who - although he can get REALLY bluesy - I would classify as a rock&roll slider-star, so therefore kinda rare.

But I've gotta add in John Butler. The dude is both a fantastic slider and finger picker.

And I've gotta reiterate Roy Rogers, cause he's just too awesome.

Then there is a guy in Quebec called Zak & His Unhappy Guitar (I don't know what his name is apart from that, it's his MySpace user name). On MySpace he has that as his solo old-school delta blues page. And the guy also is a rockabilly and surf rock guitarist.

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Son House

Robert Johnson

Elmore James

Skip James

Charlie Patton

Blind Willie Johnson

Skunk Baxter

Joe Walsh

Blind Willie McTell

That's just a small sampling of my most favorite slide guitarists.

There are aso many more but these few have been my biggest influences.

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mynewguitar    0

Muddy Waters - his playing may not have been as technically proficient as others mentioned, but it was so raw it gave me goose bumps

Mississippi Fred McDowell

Robert Johnson

Elmore James

Duane Allman

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Just throwing in a couple more slide players :) no particular order

Rory Block

Keb Mo

David Gilmour

Harry Manx

Warren Haynes

Danny Gatton (although I believe he played more often regular style)

Brett Garsed

Matt Smith

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Its important to add:

George Harrison

Joe Walsh

Keith Richards

and honorable mention to

Savoy Brown (was it Kim Simmons?)


Blackfoot (what was his name?)

and what about the Nashville guys, dobro players, etc.

Jerry Douglas anyone?

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Mmmm well if Kirk is NOT in the top 5 after Don Felder's reccomendation, then I am amazed. !

PLUS his note choice is far more melodic and interesting than almost anyone else I've heard....you guys are spoilt on here...play your Johnsons, Trucks and Allmans alongside and immediately before listening to Kirk's blues playing. Now tell me exactly WHO has the greater ranger of chord tones and extensions happening...its a no brainer guys ! There ARE other viable notes than the bloody blues and pentatonic scales .

and lastly...who else can play Ave Maria on a slide as well as that ? Who ever HAS done that sort of thing besides the host on here anyay ?.

Just mjy feelings on the matter but it FASCINATED me and became a ''I want to learn how to do that too'' for me nstantly.

Because it means ANY songt can bge played....bluesy or NOT !! ''In A Good Tone '' ( a Duke Ellington title i think ) is so important in any instrument. Horrible is horrible no matter how fast it is in my book......and there are loads of so called ace slide players whos tone is grisly and has bcome the norm by default rather than sheer excellence ! I'l get hung out to dry for this post, but that's what I think guys.........anyone who can pl;ay Robert Schummann as well asTHAT on a bloody slide guitar of all things....well it speaks for itself. Derek trucks doing that....as if !!!

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