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'Dobro' vs 'Resonator' Question?

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Is there a difference between a Dobro and a Resonator guitar?

I understand that Dobro is a brand name, as is National, etc, and that there are round neck and square necks.

But if someone is considered a 'dobro' player, rather than a 'slide player', what does that imply?

Does a Dobro player only play lap style, while a slide player is 'upright'?

But then what is the difference between a lap steel (not pedal) and a dobro player?

I just want to get my terminology straight.



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As far as I know:

Dobro is a brand.

National is a brand.

Resonator is a type of guitar.

Playing slide can mean any old way, whether lap or normal.

Being a 'Dobro player' probably means non-electric ...


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8) Agree with the last 2 posts....

Although I recently purchased a Dobrolectric, which is like a thin line tele with a p-90 on neck and acoustic pickup on bridge. So when I play that I guess I'm a plugged in Dobro player....

Never mind.

Have fun and keep slidin"


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I'm coming to the conclusion that Dobro indicated that the instrument is played horizontally while Resonator is played vertically. And Dobro seems to indicate quite often a square neck, although not always.

The confusion seems to be that Dobro is a brand name of a guitar which can be square neck or round, played lap style flat or upright.

But a 'Dobro player' seems to indicate someone who plays square neck, lap style flat, a la Jerry Douglas. A 'slide player' is thought of as always playing round necks upright.

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